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KaaShiv Infotech – 10 Year Old company started and runs by


  • 10 Years Awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
  • Google Recognized Experts
  • Cisco Recognized Experts
  • Microsoft Awarded Certified Experts
  • Robotics Experts
  • HCL Technologies Awarded Expert


Trainers at KaaShiv InfoTech are real-time IT professionals worked in leading MNCs like


  • CTS,
  • Wipro,
  • TCS,
  • Infosys,
  • Accenture and
  • Mindtree.


SQL Inplant Training content is carefully researched and prepared by high end technological professionals from MNC to meet the demands of Mobile App industry. After completing the Internship Training in Chennai at KaaShiv Infotech, students will be familiar with the IT / Software processes. Below are some of the insights of our Inplant Training programme,

  • Real-time project development and Technology Training by Microsoft Awarded Most Valuable Professional
  • Full practical training
  • Hardware and software tools full support
  • Technology training
  • Placement training – Aptitude Training and Analytical Training – Placement support
  • Full documentation and report analysis
  • R & D projects
  • Industrial exposure
  • Enhancing / Training Corporate skills

Why SQL Inplant Training ?


SQL Server has very large scope in coming years, SQL Server almost adopted all over the world. To the start the career in IT with SQL Server have defiantly great success ahead. SQL Server in India for freshers is good option because it is a future technology and gives better Quality of Service (QoS).


Why Students should go for real time SQL Inplant Training ?


Businesses need professionals capable of working on cloud-based servers in areas such as:


  • Setting up architecture
  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Administering
  • Managing


SQL  Inplant Training, provides a practical exposure for the students on the latest and trending technologies. Below are some of the Top jobs in the IT Industry.


  • SQL Server Database Administration
  • SQL Server DBA
  • Lead – Software Engineering – SQL Server SQL & PLSQL
  • SQL Server Developer – SQL Server Data Integrator
  • SQL Server Application Framework
  • SQL Server Finance Functional Consultant
  • SQL Server Technical Developer
  • SQL Server SOA Developer


KaaShiv Infotech Inplant Training for IT students enhances and enable the students for the above said skills / job roles from basics to Advanced.


SQL  Inplant Training – Roles and Responsibilities

SQL Server Developer /  DBA is always demanding in every company. Whether it’s small sized or large scale IT service industry, they need database guys to manage and maintain their Databases.

Most of the Major IT companies have separate domain/unit created for DB technologies such as


  • Infrastructure Management Services,
  • ITO,
  • Server Management team who take cares of the databases for their clients.

SQL Inplant Training – Highlights


  • SQL SERVER Inplant Training duration: 5 days/ 10 days / Or Any number of days.
  • Training hours: 3 hours per day.
  • Software & others tools installation Guidance
  • Hardware support
  • Inplant Training Report creation / Project Report creation
  • 2 projects ( real time)
  • Inplant Training Certificate &  Industrial exposure certificate (or Digital Marketing Certificate) + (Achievement certificate for best performers)


SQL Inplant Training Details

2 / 3 / 5 /10 Days / 1 month to 6 months – SQL Inplant Training

Types of Inplant Training

Long Term – 10 Days to 6 months ( Any Number of days / months)-Internship for SQL SERVER

Learn  and Implement 120 Concepts Covering SQL Technologies + 1 Project

SQL  Inplant Training – Syllabus

100% Practical – Live Inplant Training

( Learn 120 concepts, 10 Programs – Advanced & Professional)

Topic 1 : SQL Server Basics
– SQL Server Intro & Basics – Advanced – Files Structure
Topic 2 : SQL Server Database Design
– Normalization , DB Design , ACID , Transactions
Topic 3 : SQL Server Queries Development
– SQL Server DDL / DML / DRL Queries
Topic 4 : SQL Server Advanced Queries
– SQL Server Logical Queries/ Clauses – Hands On
Topic 5 : SQL Server Joins
– SQL Server Joins ( Inner / Outer )
Topic 6 : SQL Server Constraints
– SQL Server Constraints programming
Topic 7 : SQL Server Advanced
– PL/SQL Programming
Mini Project : Free Mini Project
Students will finish this project in the specified duration
+ Inplant Training Certificate

+ Free Industrial exposure certificate (or Digital Marketing Certificate) + (Achievement certificate for best performers) + 1 Project

SQL Inplant Training MATERIALS for students:

  1. Inplant Training Materials will be provided for the students after the Inplant Training programme.
  2. 1 Project will be given to the students.
  3. Technological guidance and materials will be shared in entire year for the students to mold technically.


Inplant Training Training Certificate :



    Industry recognized Inplant Training Certificate &  Industrial exposure certificate (or Digital Marketing Certificate) + (Achievement certificate for best performers) will be given to all Internship Training Attendees


Duration of this SQL Inplant Training Programme :


SQL SERVER Inplant Training duration is 2 / 3/ 4 / 5 / 10 days or ( Any Number of Days )


Who Can attend this SQL Inplant Training Programme :


Students belongs to 1st Year Student / 2nd Year Student / 3rd Year Student / 4th Year Student / Passed Out Student / Freshers / Job seekers


Outcome of this SQL Inplant Training Programme :


  1.  Student will be specialized in SQL Server Specialist & SQL Server Programming + real time Electronics Implementation.
  2.    Covering 90 concepts
  3.    Students will be getting trained in / writing 90 Programs – Will change based on the duration of the program.
  4.  1 Project and project report will be given at the end of the program.



Reference Youtube URL for SQL Inplant Training :


Check our Training sample videos at this URL – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9dcBYLL-ZGTy7ml8YMTlag/videos


Registration Link for – SQL Inplant Training :

For Chennai office training,

     Fill online form http://www.kaashivinfotech.com/internships.php


SQL Inplant Training – Demo Link :


Check out our Sample Content for the training http://kaashivinfotech.com/inplant-training-in-chennai-for-oracle-demo.php

Check our Previous testimonials from students from Different Countries and Different States :



Check our Students Feedback on our –  Inplant Training for SQL SERVER students :

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Real Time Project :

We ranked Top 200 technological companies in Tamil Nadu, www.wikitechy.com

More on our, SQL Inplant Training :

In our, Inplant Training on SQL Server- programmer below are following different kind of programmes focused such as,

  1. Inplant Training for SQL Server– Kaashiv Provides an in-depth knowledge of SQL Server Platform and other relevant SQL Server technologies.
  2. SQL Server developer Inplant Training – Want to become a developer in SQL Server, our company provides a best platform for the students to learn developer during the Inplant Training period.
  3. SQL Server Inplant Training work from home– Our company provides facility for the students to learn SQL Server from home as an Inplant Training based on latest technological trends.
  4. SQL Server Inplant Training report– Reports are also provided for the Inplant Training students in our company related to SQL Server app development.
  5. SQL Server Inplant Training jobs– 100% Job assistance will be provided for the students to gain practical knowledge during the Inplant Training period in our company.
  6. SQL Server summer / Winter Inplant Training – Summer / Winter holiday Inplant Training in SQL Server platform will be provided for the student based on SQL Server developer knowledge base.
  7. SQL Server Inplant Training Quora – We provide top trending and frequently asked question for the intern students during the Inplant Training period based on SQL Server development and SQL Server based trending technologies.
  8. SQL Server student Inplant Training – Based on the student’s request, if you are looking for any test to validate your knowledge. We are ready to provide the same.
  9. SQL Server Inplant Training certificate– Industry recognized certificates will be provided for the students who perform Inplant Training in our company based on SQL Server.
  10. SQL Server Inplant Training online– Learn SQL Server from home, our company perform Inplant Training through online too.
  11. SQL Server undergraduate Inplant Training – our company office SQL Server internship for undergraduate student based on SQL Server technologies.
  12. SQL Server Inplant Training ppt / SQL Server Inplant Training project / projects report– We provide SQL Server based ppts. Projects and project reports as materials after the Inplant Training in our company.
  13. SQL Server research Inplant Training – SQL Server studio is used to for development/training. In case, the students were looking for some other dev software. Yes, we are ready to help you on the same.
  14. Free SQL Server Inplant Training in Chennai– Our company will provide free SQL Server Inplant Training in Chennai for the best students of kaashiv infotech
  15. SQL Server Inplant Training high school- we provide SQL Server Inplant Training for high school also learn and gain more knowledge about SQL Server.
  16. Centre for SQL Server Inplant Training –we have best platform for SQL Server and SQL Server as Inplant Training in our company.


List of Inplant Training preferred by the candidates :

  • SQL SERVER developer Inplant Training
  • SQL SERVER developer Inplant Training
  • Junior SQL SERVER developer Inplant Training
  • Inplant Training on SQL SERVER development


We offer you all kind of above Inplant Training Trainings in our company.

Locations of our SQL Inplant Training:

If you are looking for an SQL Server Inplant Training / Inplant Training in Bangalore , Chennai , Hyderabad , Coimbatore, pune, Gujarat, Delhi, pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, india, UK, New York, Dubai, Canada, Dublin, Europe, Germany, Hong Kong,    Abroad, Singapore, Australia, London, Europe, Germany, USA, Ireland, London, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland and all other places in india.   We provide an offline and online trainings in all the above cities and countries. You can contact our team. We are ready to help on this. Send an email to [email protected] for online internships.





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