An internship acceptance letter is written by the former candidate as a way to show agreement that he or she is ready for the internship offer.

An internship offer letter is a formal letter informing an individual or student that they have been selected for an internship position with your organization or company.

Importance of Internship Acceptance Letter

In this modern world, where everyone is watching after the professional courses as well as training it is not amazing to know about the importance of the internship.  Since you have approved the first stage of convincing HR for an internship offer.

Therefore, it’s your last formality before starting the internship. But in reality, it’s just the opposite. You must try to write a formal acceptance letter that is free from any kind of error. It should show clearness to the Hiring team.

Tips on how to write an internship acceptance letter ?

  • Mention the offer in the letter itself.
  • Repeat the joining date in the letter.
  • Thank them for providing you the offer.
  • Your permission should be in the first sentence.
  • Cross-check the letter.

Sample Internship Acceptance Letter

Intern Acceptance Letter



Please verify your acceptance of ______________________________ who is a student intern

registered in the Kaashiv Internship Program at College (college name) for the ______ semester, _______. The internship course needs ____ hours for completion.

Please provide the following information:

  • Name of the organization:
  • Location:
  • Task description:
  • Manager name:
  • Manager Contact Information:

Please sign and date this contract and return by regular mail, fax, or email to





Phone No