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Data Analytics Course

KaaShiv Infotech offers, Data Analytics Course . Our, Data analytics courses – provides you an in-depth knowledge on Data Science Programming.  This training enables the students to understand and learn the current trend in the job market. Students will prefer to trainings build their profile for their jobs and also for their higher studies. Our company provides both offline and online data analytics course . course for data analytics – imparts technical and programming skills on the below list of areas such as,

  1. Python Basics –  Python Programming, Python Installation
  2. R- Programmming Introduction –  Business Analytics, Data, Information , Compare R with other software in analytics
  3. Data Manipulation in R Data sorting , Find and remove duplicates record , Cleaning data , Recoding data & its implementation
  4. Data Processing in Data Science Data Processing techniques & its implementation
  5. Exploratory Data Analysis – Visualizing Data
  6. Statistical Analysis in Data Science – Median , Quartiles , Correlation , Covariance , Regression , Linear Regression , Non Linear Regression, Multiple Regression 
  7. Web Scraping and Data Science  Algorithm Introduction to BeautifulSoup , Scraping data from Web , Data parsing

Highlights of our company

  • Common Wealth Bank Recognized Leading Light Rising Star Winner
  • Run by 10 Years Microsoft Awarded MVP ( Most Valuable Professional )
  • Google Recognized Experts and Cisco Recognized Certified Experts
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Artificial Intelligence  and Robotics Experts
  • HCL Technologies Awarded SME ( Subject Matter Expert )
  • Asia Book of Record Holder – On Software Application Development
  • INETA Champion Gold Member.
Data Science Training in Chennai

Why our company provides, data analytics course with placement

Big data analytics course – curriculum is carefully researched and prepared by professionals from MNC to meet the demands expected in the current IT industries. After completing the training at KaaShiv Infotech, students will be familiar with the entire Data Science  Programming, Machine learning concepts with python, Data science with python, Implementing a Data Science project. Below are some of the insights of our  programme, data analytics courses in india ,

Gain a new perspective on your student life
Discover New And Hidden Talent
Real-time project development and Technology Training
Bolstering your CV
100% Practical Technology training
Earn academic credit & fulfil academic goals
Real Life Experience and Exposure
After completion, Materials will be provided.
Guidance in creating R & D projects

Trainers to train you

Our, data analytics course in India – Program Trainers are real-time IT experts and professionals worked in Data Science programming from leading MNCs like

  • TCS,
  • HCL,
  • Infosys,
  • Cognizant,
  • Wipro
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Benefits of data analytics course

  • Data analytics courses are available on Kaashiv infotech. Microsoft Excel, Python, SQL and R are the most commonly used data analytics tools. Excel is the commonly used spreadsheet program and is excellent for data analysis and visualization. Join in one of the Excel courses and learn how to use this powerful software.
  • Python is a popular programming language for data analytics and courses exist from many top companies to introduce you to the language and teach you how to apply it .
  • Go further in the area of specialty of your choice. Apply your new data analytics skills to business analytics, excel data analysis , big data analytics, bioinformatics, statistics and more.
  • Advanced courses will take you through practical analytics problems so that you can try many data analysis methods and techniques and learn more about quantitative and qualitative data analysis processes.
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Data analytics courses online

  • Learn Data analytics Course – kaashiv infotech offers , Best Data Analytics Course Training in Chennai .
  • Data analytics interns will be learning cutting edge technology based on Data analytics online classes .
  • Our, Data analytics course online – program provides Online portal to study anytime, online classes to study flexibly , industry recognized certificate for all the attendees.
  • Most of the students will be getting ready for campus placement or off campus interviews. Applying basic theoretical ideas into the real world via course programs Horne their skills to the next level of industrial knowledge.
  • data analytics course with job guarantee / data analytics training and placement – After 6 months of regular Paid course, Course becomes free + For best interns Stipend will be provided + Best Interns will be offered Job too .

Data analytics Introduction - What is data analytics courses

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Data Science Internship

Data Analytics Course Training to the Students

Learn and Implement
70 to 400 Concepts Covering 9 Technologies
+ 1 Projects

Data analytics course syllabus

  • Course for data analytics – Duration: Week Day / Week End – Any Day Any Time – Students can come and study
  • Training hours: 50 hrs
  • Software & other tools installation Guidance
  • Hardware support
  • Data Analytics Course Materials creation / Data Analytics Project Report creation
  • KaaShiv Infotech is top under,  google data analytics course ,  based 1 real time project.
  • data analytics course free online / free online data analytics course – After 6 months of regular Paid course, Course becomes free + For best interns Stipend will be provided + Best Interns will be offered Job too .
  • Certificates will  be given
    • Course Completion Certificate  
    • Industrial exposure certificate
    • + ( Achievement certificate for best performers )

Best data analytics course online

100% Practical – Live HandsOn  – Data analytics courses chennai

Topic 1 : Python – Basics
What is Python?, Why Python?, Tuple, List, Dictionary ,Numpy Array , Numpy Matrix , Pandas Data Frame , Tools and Frameworks In Python , How Python code works with data science , DOWNLOAD & INSTALL PYTHON and data science libraries, Python Data Science Tool – How to work
Topic 2 : What is R programming

Business Analytics, Data, Information , Compare R with other software in analytics , Install R , Perform basic operations in R using command line , Learn the use of IDE R Studio , Use the ‘R help’ feature in R

Topic 3 : Introduction to R programming

Variables in R , Scalars , Vectors , Matrices , List , Data frames

Topic 4 : What is Data Analytics – Data Manipulation in R

Data sorting , Find and remove duplicates record , Cleaning data , Recoding data , Merging data , Slicing of Data , Merging Data , Web Scraping

Topic 5 : Data Processing in Data Science

Selecting rows/observations , Selecting columns/fields , Vectorized Processing , Split , Merging data , Relabelling the column names , Sorting , Optimized Data Processing , Groupby , Aggregate , Apply , Multiple functions for same data , Same function for multiple data , Multiple functions for multiple data

Topic 6 : Exploratory Data Analysis – Visualizing Data
Reading external csv file , Reading Options , Process read data , Writing csv file , Visualization , Histogram , Boxplot , Scatter Plot , Line Plot , Line chart , Pareto charts
Topic 7 : Statistical Analysis in Data Science
Median , Quartiles , Correlation , Covariance , Regression , Linear Regression , Non Linear Regression, Multiple Regression , Model evaluation , Prediction using built model , clustering, Need for clustering , k-means clustering theory , Clustering is use case data , Visualization of clusters , dimensionality reduction , Eigen Value Decomposition , Principal Component Analysis , web scraping
Topic 8 : Web Scraping and Data Science  Algorithm Implementation 
Introduction to BeautifulSoup , Scraping data from Web , Data parsing , classification , k-nn classification theory , Naïve Bayes Classification theory , Decision Tree , Random Forest

+ Course Completion Certificate

+ Free Industrial exposure certificate + (Achievement certificate for best performers) + 1 Data Analytics Project

Data Science Course
How to get - Data analytics course online ?

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Thanks for choosing our 100% Practical interactive, analytical courses . As an Intern, you will get high end technological knowledge for sure. Welcome to KaaShiv Infotech, the training company to provide, data analyst courses , data analytics course content & Data Analysis Online Courses .

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Data Science Course

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Data Science Inplant Training

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1. Materials for the Data Analytics Course will be provided after the completion of the programme.

2. Regular tech updates to the students.

3. Free Course Projects given


1. Industry Recognized, certificate for course will be given.

2. Certificates will be given ( Course Completion Certificate & Industrial exposure certificate ) + (Achievement certificate for best performers)


2 day / 3/ 4 / 5 / 10, 20 days or 1 month to 6 Months ( Any Number of Days – Based on student preferences)

data science course

online data analysis courses

Data analytics course for freshers / Data analytics course for beginners

  • data analytics courses for beginners – This training can be done by the freshers to build their career. This programme will provide a clear baseline for  the entry level engineers to  enter into the IT industry.
  • Before entering into the companies, doing training will give you more clarity in the programming field.
  • Kaashiv Infotech recommends all department students, fresher and even school students to take up this training and build their career. If you search for the next 4 years for Online Data Analyst Course such as, Data Analyst Course Online 2021 , Data Analyst Course Online 2022 , Data Analyst Course Online 2023 – Kaashiv Infotech is Number 1 and the most preferred company.
  • data analytics course free / data analytics courses free – After 6 months of regular Paid course, Course becomes free + For best interns Stipend will be provided + Best Interns will be offered Job too .

Data Analytics Courses for Experience candidate

  • This training is designed for working professionals looking to pick up skills in advanced concepts in Data Analytics.
  • This course program covers Python Basics, R Programming, Web Scraping and Data Science  Algorithm, etc. After completing this course , you can pursue careers in the Data Science industry, such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist , Machine learning expert & Business Analyst.
  • Kaashiv infotech Offers,
    • Data Analytics Courses for 1+ Experience Candidate
    • Data Analytics Courses for 2+ Experience Candidate
    • Data Analytics Courses for 3+ Experience Candidate
    • Data Analytics Courses for 4+ Experience Candidate
    • Data Analytics Courses for 5+ Experience Candidate
    • And any year of experience people also can study

Data Analytics Courses for Non-technical Students

  • This Course training can be done by the non-technical students to build their career
  • A non-technical student can become a data analyst, in fact, many such non-technical students are business analyst in various companies.
  • First, You can start by watching YouTube videos and reading documentation and different blogs, practice regularly, and implement what you learn.
  • Kaashiv Infotech recommends all non-technical backgrounds like marketing, business development, finance and sales etc.,

Data Analytics Courses for School Students

  • Data Analyst is important progress of a school student
  • It’s the desire of every programmer to learn Data Analysis. But, it’s hard to find the start and progress. Because there are lots of resources and courses and techs to learn on Data Analysis.
  • Help students understand how the data analysis tools works . Are your students interested in learning data analytics, then Kaashiv Infotech is the best company for data analytics courses.
  • Kaashiv infotech offers Data Analytics courses for,
    • Secondary student
    • Higher Secondary Student
    • From 5th standard to 12th Standard students also can study

Data Analytics Courses for Foreign students - Outside India

  • Kaashiv offers online courses for foreign students or working professionals.
  • Kaashiv infotech is the best company for Online Data Analytics Course
  • Our Data Analytics online portal to study anytime, online classes to study flexibly,  industry-recognized certificate for all the attendees.
  • Data analytics courses online free / free data analytics course – After 6 months of regular Paid course, Course becomes free + For best interns Stipend will be provided + Best Interns will be offered Job too .
Machine Learning Training in Chennai

More Question on Business and data analytics course

What are some good places to learn Data Analytics Training in Chennai ?

Kaashiv Infotech is the best place to learn Data Analytics training where the training’s are provided with real time example.

The Data Analytics training in Chennai Syllabus is designed according to the student needs of the corporate client which will definitely help you to clear the interviews easily.

Which company is best for a Data Analytics Training ?

Data Analytics is a popular high-level programming language. It is mainly used as the best programming language to learn. Data Analytics is an accurate fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy programming language that is being used to develop scalable web applications.

Kaashiv Infotech is one of the best institute for data analytics . It is a great option for both beginners and experienced professionals.

How to avail free Data Analytics Course ?

data analytics course online free – After 6 months of regular Paid course, Course becomes free + For best interns Stipend will be provided + Best Interns will be offered Job too .

What are the syllabus to be Covered in Data Analytics ?

Data analytics course syllabus – is given below :

  1. Python Basics –  Python Programming, Python Installation
  2. R- Programmming Introduction –  Business Analytics, Data, Information , Compare R with other software in analytics
  3. Data Manipulation in R – Data sorting , Find and remove duplicates record , Cleaning data , Recoding data & its implementation
  4. Data Processing in Data Science – Data Processing techniques & its implementation
  5. Exploratory Data Analysis – Visualizing Data
  6. Statistical Analysis in Data Science – Median , Quartiles , Correlation , Covariance , Regression , Linear Regression , Non Linear Regression, Multiple Regression
  7. Web Scraping and Data Science  Algorithm

What shall be the mode of payment of fees ?

data analytics course fees – Applicants shall receive an email with details about payment after completing registration by filing the registration form.

How should I start learning Data Science ?

The right choice by starting to learn Data Science because Data Science is the world’s fastest and most popular programming language not just among SDE’s but also among Mathematicians, Data Analysts, Scientists and even Kids too. The reason is simple because Data Science is a very user-friendly programming language. Data Science has the following applications such as data analysis, Artificial intelligence , Machine learning , Automation , Build web Apps and software testing .

Which is the best training institute for a Data Analytics training in chennai ?

Data Analytics programming is the best career option for the students. Nowadays companies are in great demand for Data Analytics . As new startups launched and increased in the work of web development, the use of Data Science increased. After learning, data analytics certification – there are multiple job roles available.

In order to get the best training company, there are many good companies like Kaashiv infotech that focus more on the programming part of the students.

Who is my trainer and how they are selected ?

  • Our trainers are more than 10+ years of experience in course relevant technologies.
  • Trainers are expert level in the subjects they explain because they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have skilled on real-time projects in their industries.
  • Are working professionals working in international companies such as CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, etc…
  • Trained more than 1500+ students in a year.
  • Strong theoretical & practical knowledge.

What certification will I get after Data Analytics Training ?

Each student will be given industry-recognized Data Analytics course completion certificate.

KaaShiv InfoTech Provides ISO Certified and Microsoft Sealed Course completion certificate for students

Is there an online Data Analytics training is available for students ?

  • Yes. We provide online training programs as well. Timing is completely selected basis the availability of the candidate. Hence very flexible and comfortable.

Is doing training in Data Analytics worth it ? Can it add some advantage to my resume for campus placement ?

The Answer is, Yes . Training in Data Analytics provides lot of technological and programming knowledge to the students and enable them to become professional experts

Who can apply for this Data Analytics course ?

  • Students belonging to 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year Electronics, Instrumentation, Electronics and Telecommunications and Biomedical engineering can apply for this data analytics course.
  • Students from Computer science Engineering or Information Technology Engineering can also apply for this course.

How to get Data Analytics training in Chennai ?

Data Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

What is the process of Data Analysis ?

Data analysis is the process of collecting, cleansing, interpreting, transforming and modelling data to gather visions and generate reports to increase business profits.

  • Collect Data: The data gets collected from various sources and is stored so that it can be cleaned and prepared. In this step, all the missing values and outliers are removed.
  • Analyse Data: Once the data is ready, the next step is to analyse the data. A model is run frequently for improvements. Then, the mode is validated to check whether it sees the business requirements.
  • Create Reports: Finally, the model is executed and then reports thus generated are approved onto the stakeholders.


What are the key differences between Data Analysis and Data Mining ?

Data analysis includes the process of cleaning, organising, and using data to produce meaningful visions. Data mining is used to search for hidden patterns in the data.

Data analysis produces results that are far more understandable by a variety of audience than the results from data mining.


What is Data Science ?

Data science is a study of the huge amount of data, which used for extracting from raw, structured, and unstructured data that is processed using the scientific method, different technologies, and algorithms.


What are the differences between supervised and unsupervised learning ?

Supervised Learning :

  • Uses known and labeled data as input
  • Supervised learning has a feedback mechanism
  • The most commonly used supervised learning algorithms are decision trees, logistic regression, and support vector machine.

Unsupervised Learning :

  • Uses unlabeled data as input
  • Unsupervised learning has no feedback mechanism
  • The most commonly used unsupervised learning algorithms are k-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, and apriori algorithm
  • Learn Data Science with R for FREE
  • Learn and Master the Basics of Data Science


How is logistic regression done ?

Logistic regression measures the relationship between the dependent variable (our label of what we want to predict) and one or more independent variables (our features) by estimating probability using its underlying logistic function (sigmoid).


Explain the steps in making a decision tree ?

  • Take the entire data set as input
  • Calculate entropy of the target variable, as well as the predictor attributes
  • Calculate your information gain of all attributes (we gain information on sorting different objects from each other)
  • Choose the attribute with the highest information gain as the root node
  • Repeat the same procedure on every branch until the decision node of each branch is finalized


How do you build a random forest model  ?

A random forest is built up of a number of decision trees. If you split the data into different packages and make a decision tree in each of the different groups of data, the random forest brings all those trees together.


What are the Steps to build a random forest model ?

The Steps to build a random forest model :

  • Randomly select ‘k’ features from a total of ‘m’ features where k << m
  • Among the ‘k’ features, calculate the node D using the best split point
  • Split the node into daughter nodes using the best split
  • Repeat steps two and three until leaf nodes are finalized
  • Build forest by repeating steps one to four for ‘n’ times to create ‘n’ number of trees.


How can you avoid the overfitting your model ?

  • Overfitting refers to a model that is only set for a very small amount of data and ignores the bigger picture. There are three main methods to avoid overfitting:
  • Keep the model simple—take fewer variables into account, thereby removing some of the noise in the training data
  • Use cross-validation techniques, such as k folds cross-validation
  • Use regularization techniques, such as LASSO, that penalize certain model parameters if they’re likely to cause overfitting


What are the feature selection methods used to select the right variables?

  • There are two main methods for feature selection, i.e, filter, and wrapper methods.
    • Filter Methods
    • Wrapper Methods


What Filter Methods involves ?

Filter Methods involves:

  • Linear discrimination analysis
  • Chi-Square
  • The best analogy for selecting features is “bad data in, bad answer out.” When we’re limiting or selecting the features, it’s all about cleaning up the data coming in.


What Wrapper Methods involves ?

Wrapper Methods involves:

  • Forward Selection: We test one feature at a time and keep adding them until we get a good fit
  • Backward Selection: We test all the features and start removing them to see what works better
  • Recursive Feature Elimination: Recursively looks through all the different features and how they pair together
  • Wrapper methods are very labor-intensive, and high-end computers are needed if a lot of data analysis is performed with the wrapper method.


What is the significance of p-value ?

  • p-value typically ≤ 0.05

This indicates strong evidence against the null hypothesis; so you reject the null hypothesis.

  • p-value typically > 0.05

This indicates weak evidence against the null hypothesis, so you accept the null hypothesis.

  • p-value at cutoff 0.05

This is considered to be marginal, meaning it could go either way.


Write a basic SQL query that lists all orders with customer information. ?

Usually, we have order tables and customer tables that contain the following columns:

  • Order Table
  • Orderid
  • customerId
  • OrderNumber
  • TotalAmount
  • Customer Table
  • Id
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • City
  • Country

The SQL query is:

SELECT OrderNumber, TotalAmount, FirstName, LastName, City, Country FROM Order JOIN Customer ON Order.CustomerId = Customer.Id