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Artificial Intelligence Course

KaaShiv Infotech offers, Artificial Intelligence Course. Our, artificial intelligence course in chennai – provides you an in-depth knowledge on AI Programming.  This Artificial Intelligence training enables the students to understand and learn the current trend in the job market. Students will prefer trainings to build their profile for their jobs and also for their higher studies. Our company provides both offline and Artificial Intelligence Course Online .  AI Courses imparts technical and programming skills on below list of AI areas such as,

  1. Artificial Intelligence Introduction Types of AI , Machine Learning Basics & Types of ML
  2. Deep Learning concepts –  Deep Learning Basics and uses , Perceptrons , Multilayer Perceptrons , Deep Learning With Python
  3. Neural Network Basics History behind neural networks , Relationship b/w biological neuron and artificial neuron , Architecture
  4. AI & Machine Learning Algorithm Clustering, Classification and Regression , Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
  5. Supervised Leaning in AI and ML Simple and Multiple Linear Regression , Logistic Regression, KNN ,Random Forest Classifier etc
  6. Unsupervised Leaning in AI and ML K-means Clustering, Agglomerative Clustering
  7. Natural Language Processing in AI NLP Applications , Terminologies In NLP , Text Processing with Vectorization, Sentiment analysis with TextBlob
  8. AI Implementations Live implementation on Back propagation and gradient descent , Tensorflow work flow demo , Tensorflow 2.0

Highlights of our company

  • Common Wealth Bank Recognized Leading Light Rising Star Winner
  • Run by 10 Years Microsoft Awarded MVP ( Most Valuable Professional )
  • Google Recognized Experts and Cisco Recognized Certified Experts
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • HCL Technologies Awarded SME ( Subject Matter Expert )
Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai

Why our company provides, artificial intelligence course in chennai

The , artificial intelligence course syllabus – is carefully researched and prepared by professionals from MNC to meet the demands expected in the current IT industries. After completing the , best artificial intelligence course – at KaaShiv Infotech, students will be familiar with the entire artificial intelligence programming ,  Below are some insights of our  program , artificial intelligence courses in india , artificial intelligence certification in chennai , helps students to built their carrier for their job and also for their higher studies . artificial intelligence course in chennai fees, Implementing a artificial intelligence project.

Gain a new perspective on your student life
Discover New And Hidden Talent
Real-time project development and Technology Training
Bolstering your CV
100% Practical Technology training
Earn academic credit & fulfil academic goals
Real Life Experience and Exposure
After completion, Materials will be provided.
Guidance in creating R & D projects

Trainers to train you

Our, artificial intelligence course chennai – Program Trainers are real-time IT experts and professionals worked in Artificial Intelligence Programming from leading MNCs like

  • TCS,
  • HCL,
  • Infosys,
  • Cognizant,
  • Wipro
course in chennai
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Benefits of Doing an, artificial intelligence course

What is Artificial Intelligence ? Student can get a real world experience and also our company provides a hands on training in a professional environment. Courses help to getting a chance to try all the possible jobs with exploring different options in career.

  • A , artificial intelligence course institute in chennai has an chance to develop your knowledge and skills in a particular field or industry
  • Getting insight into the way businesses work and what challenges they face on a daily basis
  • Gaining valuable work experience to set you apart from other candidates
  • Applying the concepts and strategies of academic study in a live work environment
  • Artificial Intelligence Course jobs – Most of the students will be getting ready for campus placement or off campus interviews. Applying basic theoretical ideas into the real world via training programmes.
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Career Opportunity for , artificial intelligence course in chennai

  • Machine Relation Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Transparency Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Artificial Intelligence – Technical Director
  • Robotic Scientist
  • Research Analyst
  • Smart Machine Interaction Modeler
  • Game Programmer

KaaShiv Infotech’s Course Programme molds your skills based on the above-mentioned technologies and places you in dream job roles from essentials to Advanced.

Artificial Intelligence Course , provides a real time exposure for the students on the latest and trending technologies in the software companies.

What is Artificial Intelligence ? - Best Artificial Intelligence Course - Artificial Intelligence Course in India


Artificial Intelligence Internship Online

robotics , data science and artificial intelligence course

Learn and Implement
70 to 400 Concepts Covering 9 Technologies
+ 3 to 4 Projects

Artificial Intelligence Course Structure

  • Artificial Intelligence Course – Duration: Week Day / Week End – Any Day Any Time – Students can come and study
  • Training hours: 50 hrs
  • Software & other tools installation Guidance
  • Hardware support
  • Artificial Intelligence Course Materials creation / Artificial Intelligence Course Project Report creation
  • KaaShiv Infotech is top under,  Artificial Intelligence coaching centre near me ,  based 1 real time project.
  • Certificates will  be given
    • Artificial Intelligence Course Completion Certificate  
    • Industrial exposure certificate
    • + ( Achievement certificate for best performers )

Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

100% Practical – Live HandsOn  – Course for Artificial Intelligence Programmers

Topic 1 : What is Artificial Intelligence ?
Types Of Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning Basics , Types Of Machine Learning , Types Of Problems Solved By Using Machine Learning , Machine Learning Process , Machine Learning With Python , Limitations Of Machine Learning , Artificial intelligence principles , Why Is Python Best For AI? , Demand For AI
Topic 2 : What is Deep Learning ?

Why Deep Learning? , How Deep Learning Works? , Deep Learning Basics and uses , Deep Learning Use Case , Perceptrons , Multilayer Perceptrons , Deep Learning With Python

Topic 3 : What is Neural Network ?

History behind neural networks , Relationship between biological neuron and artificial neuron , Perceptron and working mechanism , Architecture of artificial neural network , Types of activation functions , Forward propagation , Loss function

Topic 4 : AI and Machine Learning Algorithms 

Popular Machine Learning Algorithms, Clustering, Classification and Regression , Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning

Topic 5 : Choice of Machine Learning and AI

Model Evaluation and Model Selection

Topic 6 : Supervised Learning in Machine Learning and AI
Simple and Multiple Linear Regression , Logistic Regression, KNN ,Random Forest Classifier, Random Forest Regression, Decision Tree Classifier, Decision Tree Regression, Naïve Bayes Classifier, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Basic ANN network for regression and classification
Topic 7 : Unsupervised Learning in Machine Learning and AI
K-means Clustering, Agglomerative Clustering
Topic 8 : Natural Language Processing in AI
Introduction To Natural Language Processing (NLP) , NLP Applications , Terminologies In NLP , Text Processing with Vectorization, Sentiment analysis with TextBlob
Topic 9 : AI Implementations 
Demo using keras framework , Back propagation and gradient descent , Tensorflow work flow demo , Tensorflow 2.0

+ Course Completion Certificate

+ Free Industrial exposure certificate + (Achievement certificate for best performers) + 1 Artificial Intelligence Project

Artificial Intelligence Internship
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Thanks for choosing our 100% Practical interactive, artificial intelligence engineering courses . As an Intern, you will get high end technological knowledge for sure. Welcome to KaaShiv Infotech, best company to provide, artificial intelligence certification course in chennai .

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Artificial Intelligence Internship Online

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Artificial Intelligence Inplant Training

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1. Materials for the Course will be provided after the completion of the programme.

2. Regular tech updates to the students.

3. Free Course Projects given


1. Industry Recognized, certificate for course will be given.

2. Certificates will be given ( Course Completion Certificate & Industrial exposure certificate ) + (Achievement certificate for best performers)


2 day / 3/ 4 / 5 / 10, 20 days or 1 month to 6 Months ( Any Number of Days – Based on student preferences)

Artificial Intelligence Summer Internship

Artificial Intelligence course online

Artificial Intelligence Course for freshers / students

  • Artificial Intelligence Course for freshers – This Artificial Intelligence training can be done by the freshers to build their career. This programme will provide a clear baseline for  the entry level engineers to  enter into the IT industry.
  • Before entering into the companies, doing training will give you more clarity in the programming field.
  • Artificial Intelligence Course for Students – Kaashiv Infotech recommends all department students, fresher and even school students to take up this training and build their career.

Artificial Intelligence Summer Course

  • Summer Artificial Intelligence Course – This programme becomes mandatory before  completing their degree for computer science based students Due to  its huge involvement and implementation flexibility in many fields.  Artificial Intelligence becomes a universal language for all.
  • The reason for doing Artificial Intelligence is real time industrial exposure is preferred by most of the companies in India. Identifying real time training with a recognized course certificate is very important. After completing the Artificial Intelligence  will acquire  practical knowledge, analytical skills, programming skills and problem-solving skills.
  • Artificial Intelligence Summer Course , program is having round the year , artificial intelligence summer Course 2021 , artificial intelligence summer Course 2022 , artificial intelligence summer Course 2023 . Kaashiv Infotech is the right choice to do internships and guidance to prepare, summer report on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Winter Course

  • Winter Artificial Intelligence Course – Artificial Intelligence can be done by diploma studying students , engineering students or freshers and arts college students too.
  • Students can prefer the trainings in the winter holidays too. Doing a meaningful learning in the holidays is the best and first step towards the vision of success. The reason is, your career is getting enhanced and Practical knowledge with programming skills carves the Artificial Intelligence interns towards cutting edge technologies. Working as a Artificial Intelligence intern will help them to achieve the same.

Artificial Intelligence Course Online

  • kaashiv offers Artificial Intelligence Course Online for the students or professionals who prefer, Artificial Intelligence training work from home .
  • Artificial Intelligence Course will be learning cutting edge technology based out of Artificial Intelligence with online classes for Artificial Intelligence . Our, Course in Artificial Intelligence online – programme provides Online portal to study anytime, online classes to study flexibly , industry recognized certificate with, Artificial Intelligence interview questions for all the attendees. Artificial Intelligence Course work can be preferred from different locations such as, Artificial Intelligence Course (or) Artificial Intelligence Course in chennai preferred students can learn online and can come down to office to learn and resolve your doubts directly from the trainers.

Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai , details

Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai, provides a practical exposure for the students on the latest and trending technologies. some of the Top jobs in the IT Industry are

  • Machine Relation Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Transparency Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer  / Technical Director
  • Robotic Scientist
  • Research Analyst
  • Smart Machine Interaction Modeler
  • Game Programmer
artificial intelligence , robotics and machine learning courses in chennai

More Question on Artificial Intelligence ( Artificial Intelligence Course Classes near me )

What are some good places to learn Artificial Intelligence Course ?

Kaashiv Infotech is the best place to learn Artificial Intelligence Course where the training’s are provided with real time example.

The Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus is designed according to the student needs of the corporate client which will definitely help you to clear the interviews easily.

Which company is best for a Artificial Intelligence course in Chennai ?

Artificial Intelligence is a popular high-level programming language. It is mainly used as the best programming language to learn. Artificial Intelligence is an accurate fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy programming language that is being used to develop robots.

Kaashiv Infotech is one of the best company for a Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai. It is a great option for both beginners and experienced professionals.

How should I start learning Artificial Intelligence ?

The right choice by starting to learn Artificial Intelligence, because Artificial Intelligence is the world’s fastest and most popular programming language not just among SDE’s but also among Mathematicians, Data Analysts, Scientists and even Kids too. The reason is simple because Artificial Intelligence is a very user-friendly programming language. Artificial Intelligence has the following applications such as data analysis, Artificial intelligence , Maching learning , Automation , Build web Apps and software testing .

Can I get a training in Artificial Intelligence ?

The Answer is, Yes . Artificial Intelligence Training involves Artificial Intelligence programming and robotics

Which is the best training institute for a Artificial Intelligence certification in chennai ?

Artificial Intelligence programming is the best career option for the students. Nowadays companies are in great demand for Artificial Intelligence developers. As new startups launched and increased in the work of robotics, the use of Artificial Intelligence, python increased. After learning, Artificial Intelligence certification course near me – there are multiple job roles available.

In order to get the best training company, there are many good companies like Kaashiv infotech that focus more on the programming part of the students.
The training center (or) Artificial Intelligence coaching near me – center , trains students with live working on the project.

Who is my Artificial Intelligence Trainer and how they are selected ?

  • Our trainers are more than 10+ years of experience in course relevant technologies.
  • Trainers are expert level in the subjects they explain because they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have skilled on real-time projects in their industries.
  • Are working professionals working in international companies such as CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, etc…
  • Trained more than 1500+ students in a year.
  • Strong theoretical & practical knowledge.

What certification will I get after Artificial Intelligence Training ?

Each student will be given Industry Recognized ISO Certified and Microsoft Sealed Artificial Intelligence Course Completion Certificate.

Is there an online training which is available for this Artificial Intelligence Course ?

  • Yes. We provide online training for Artificial Intelligence programs as well. Timing is completely selected basis the availability of the candidate. Hence very flexible and comfortable.

Is doing training in Artificial Intelligence worth it? Can it add some advantage to my resume for campus placement ?

The Answer is, Yes . Training in Artificial Intelligence provides lot of technological and programming knowledge to the students and enable them to become professional experts

Should I learn Artificial Intelligence or Python ?

If you’re interested in programming, you can learn Artificial Intelligence for its easier to learn. If you plan to study computer science/engineering, I would like to recommend Python first because it helps you understand the inner workings of programming as well.

Who can apply for this Artificial Intelligence Course ?

  • Students belonging to 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year Electronics, Instrumentation, Electronics and Telecommunications and Biomedical engineering can apply for this Artificial Intelligence Course.
  • Students from Computer science Engineering or Information Technology Engineering can also apply for this Artificial Intelligence Training.

How to get Artificial Intelligence training in chennai ?

Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

  • Artificial Intelligence is a computer system which performs tasks that requires human intelligence which is powered by machine learning and some are powered by deep learning. John McCarthy, who is known as the father of Artificial Intelligence. It is a way of producing a computer, software thinks intelligently or computer-controlled robot.


Where Artificial Intelligence are used ?

  • Gaming
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Expert Systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Speech Recognition
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Intelligent Robots


What is an artificial intelligence Neural Networks ?

  • Artificial intelligence Neural Networks can model mathematically the way biological brain works, allowing the machine to think and learn the same way the humans do- making them capable of recognizing things like speech, objects and animals like we do.


Which is not commonly used programming language for AI ?

  • Perl language is not commonly used programming language for AI


What is Prolog in AI ?

  • In AI, Prolog is a programming language based on logic.


Give an explanation on the difference between strong AI and weak AI ?

  • Strong AI makes strong claims that computers can be made to think on a level equal to humans
  • while weak AI simply predicts that some features that are resembling to human intelligence can be incorporated to computer to make it more useful tools.


Mention the difference between statistical AI and Classical AI ?

  • Statistical AI is more concerned with “inductive” thought like given a set of pattern, induce the trend etc.
  • While, classical AI, on the other hand, is more concerned with “ deductive” thought given as a set of constraints, deduce a conclusion etc.


What does a production rule consist of ?

  • The production rule comprises of a set of rule and a sequence of steps.


Which search method takes less memory ?

  • The “depth first search” method takes less memory.


Which is the best way to go for Game playing problem ?

  • Heuristic approach is the best way to go for game playing problem, as it will use the technique based on intelligent guesswork.
  • For example, Chess between humans and computers as it will use brute force computation, looking at hundreds of thousands of positions.


A* algorithm is based on which search method ?

  • A* algorithm is based on best first search method, as it gives an idea of optimization and quick choose of path, and all characteristics lie in A* algorithm.


What does a hybrid Bayesian network contain ?

  • A hybrid Bayesian network contains both a discrete and continuous variables.


What is agent in artificial intelligence ?

  • Anything perceives its environment by sensors and acts upon an environment by effectors are known as Agent. Agent includes Robots, Programs, and Humans etc.


What does Partial order or planning involve ?

  • In partial order planning , rather than searching over possible situation it involves searching over the space of possible plans. The idea is to construct a plan piece by piece.


What are the two different kinds of steps that we can take in constructing a plan ?

  • Add an operator (action)
  • Add an ordering constraint between operators

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