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Training Courses

KaaShiv Infotech offers, training course . Certified training courses – providing an in-depth knowledge on the technology with hands-on live experience. Kaashiv Infotech internships enables the interns to understand and learn the current trend in the job market. Training Courses in Chennai – provide you a clear picture to choose your career either job or higher studies. Types of Courses includes both “ Offline course ” and also “ online course ”.

training courses meaning :

course Meaning = Technical Knowledge + Real time exposure + Recognized Certificate for Job

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Training courses benefits

  • Real Time Project Exposure for the students.
  • Job Oriented Program – Using this live experience, students can go for Job. Companies will prefer interns with real time exposure instead of a book oriented professional.
  • Understand on the concepts behind to build report for the projects.
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ISO Certified Company - Google Rated Number 1

Highlights of our company - Company headed by,

  • Common Wealth Bank Recognized Leading Light Rising Star Award Winner
  • Run by 10 Years Microsoft Awarded MVP ( Most Valuable Professional )
  • Google Recognized Experts
  • Cisco Recognized Certified Experts
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Artificial Intelligence  and Robotics Experts
  • HCL Technologies Awarded SME ( Subject Matter Expert )
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Why our company provides, Best Training & Certification Courses

The Course curriculum for our kaashiv Training is carefully researched and prepared by professionals from MNC to meet the demands expected in the current industries. After completing, Training And Development Courses & Online Classes – at KaaShiv Infotech, students will be familiar with the entire process followed in companies. Below are some of the insights of our interned  programme,

Gain a new perspective on your student life
Real-time project development and Technology Training
100% Practical Technology training
Earn academic credit & fulfil academic goals
After completion, "Internship report" will be provided.
Guidance in creating R & D projects

Trainers to train you

Kaashiv InfoTech Trainers are real-time Electronics experts and professionals worked in leading MNCs like

  • HCL,
  • TCS,
  • Infosys,
  • Cognizant,
  • Wipro

Our team of professional recruiters and technical consultants engage and deliver a full range of recruitment services, offering recruitment solutions.

Apart from providing end to end recruitment solutions to corporate,
we are long-established in technology-based and code-based pre-employment testing.
Our hands-on testing on role-based simulations brings out the true software skills matrix and the guesswork from the recruitment process.
In the world of GT training and consulting, there is a bewildering array of choices.

We differentiate ourselves by involving professional technical consultants and trainers in the recruitment process like screening, assessing and interviewing candidates, hence delivering most precise and perfect match to your technical requirements.

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Interested in our, professional training courses

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Intern Students Feedback

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Inplant training in chennai – Feedback – https://www.kaashivinfotech.com/inplant-training-feedback

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1. Report for the course will be provided after the completion of the programme.

2. Regular tech updates to the students.

3. Free Course Projects given


1. Industry Recognized, certificate for course will be given.

2. 3 Certificates will be given ( Intern Certificate + Inplant Training Certificate & Industrial exposure certificate ) + (Achievement certificate for best performers)


2 day / 3/ 4 / 5 / 10, 20 days or 1 month to 6 Months ( Any Number of Days – Based on student preferences)

What training classes

Training courses is a add on and must for the graduates to easily enter into the job. There are varieties of, training of courses and, training video courses .

training course description example

training courses definition – Courses can be done by school students too. So no need of degree for doing training courses free .
Learn technology , build your profile which will make you to learn as much as you can. So that, technical interns will be paid more after their training courses.

It will benefit a lot to succeed in getting your right job in right company. For doing – training courses ,  Kaashiv Infotech is the right choice to prefer.


This training courses can be done by the non-technical students to build their career. A non-technical student can become a  developer, in fact many such non-technical students are developers in Software development companies. First, you need to start from basic clear your oops concept, learn language, practice regularly and implement what you learn. Kaashiv Infotech recommends all non-technical backgrounds like marketing, business development, finance and sales etc.,

training courses is important progress of a school student . It’s the desire of every programmer to learn Development. But, it’s hard to find the start and progress. Because there are lots of resources and courses and techs to learn on courses without training .

Kaashiv infotech offers training courses for hr professionals, Secondary student, Higher Secondary Student, From 5th standard to 12th Standard students also can study .

Our, upcoming free course in chennai (or) upcoming course in chennai – needs registration form to be filled. This page helps you with the link on, how to apply for course in chennai – for – intern jobs in chennai for engineering students , intern in startups chennai . Our company ranked one of the top, training course websites in chennai providing – the best course in chennai , unpaid programming intern in chennai.

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top training courses

Summer courses

  • Summer Courses – Students prefer courses in the summer holidays.  This extends from February months of every year and extends upto July of the year.
  • training courses in india , can be ranging from 1 day to 6 months. Depends on the students preferences.
    Students will get a very long duration to do their training courses with job placement . A hot summer with fun filled hottest technologies will be a good flavor to the interns
  • This training and courses can be done by all department and all degree students, freshers, job seekers and school students too.
    online training Course – program fits for the students searching for training courses after 12th .

Winter Courses

  • Winter courses – Students prefer online classes in the winter holidays.  This extends from September months of every year and extends upto February of the year.
  • certification course , can be ranging from 1 day to 6 months. Depends on the students preferences.
  • Students will get a very long duration to do their training courses engineering . A chill winter with fun filled chilling technologies will be a good flavor to the students
  • This interned can be done by all department and all degree students, freshers, job seekers and school students too.
  • This program fits for the students searching for training courses for cyber security , training courses for management , training courses for construction , personal training courses , training courses for business , training courses for civil engineers , training courses for mechanical engineers etc.,

training courses for employees // training courses jobs / training courses for jobs

  • kaashiv infotech offers courses for,
    • Courses for 1st year students – We provide basics to advanced concepts ideas for the first year students.
    • Courses for 2nd year students – A fresh department entering graduates needs lot of technological basics and conceptual ideas on the latest technological trends. Kaashiv Infotech fulfills the needs of the students.
    • Courses for 3rd year students – Third year students need lot of practical knowledge to get a clear picture on what they learnt and what they are going to learn in their department oriented concepts.
    • Courses for 4th year students – To get job, to enter into higher studies. Professionals needs training or courses .
      courses for diploma students – Basics to advanced concepts will be given to the diploma students.

Interview Guidance - Tips and Tricks

Questions for more clarification on our, Training questions

What does a course mean ?

Where to do online courses

Using our training course registration form  . Get the confirmation from our team and you can attend our programme on the requested Date. Get your recognized, course certificate – After completing the programme.

What is online training courses

Course is a technical (or) a non technical program offered by an employer [or] a company that provides potential employment for the students with work experience and real time technological knowledge. Training courses are typically done by the students, who are ready to work in days or it can be in months to gain practical on-the-job or research experience.

How do you get a training courses and development

Courses provides the following benefits to the interns ,

  • Identify Your field of interest
  • Check Online for the best companies to course ( check our company kaashiv infotech )
  • Contact course offering companies
  • Apply as an student
  • Get the confirmation from them
  • Attend the programme and gain your experience and knowledge as much as you can.

Why training courses are important

Training Course programs prepare employees with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to perform their daily tasks. Moreover, training programs provide employees with extensive knowledge in their respective fields, allowing them to get more experienced and comfortable doing their job.

When training will start

You can opt short term course programme  ( It can be in days ) [or] long term course programme ( it extends in months ) just contact our customer care number 7667664842 (or) 7667662428 . The team will help you in this regard.

How do I apply for an Course at MNC ?

Applying MNC Internship is of no use. The reason is, you wont get the actual training in a hectic environment. You need a dedicated company who provides an indepth knowledge , best experience, friendly environment, technical exposure, live trainings, eminent trainers.

training courses advantages and disadvantages (or) training courses on benefits

1. A training course will offer a student with professional work experience in a safe and structured environment with help from experts. Typically an student will be assigned a worksite mentor and a coordinator.

2. At a course, the student can practice and improve their industry skills while also learning how to work. Students gain a better understanding of how what they are learning in school can help them with their future.

3. Soft skills – Training Courses help students to become master in soft skills such as communication, punctuality and time management. These skills are very important and they are the key factors for success at a job and college and are highly sought after by companies. Many employers used to complain that the employees are lagging in soft skills. This programme enhaces and build yourself.

How many hours is an course ?

The answer is 3-4 hours is good. Kaashiv Infotech offers Course timing at students preferences. The minimum duration is 2 hours

what are the most popular training courses

Top 10 Most Popular Courses are ,

  • java training courses
  • Python training courses
  • PHP training courses
  • full stack training courses
  • training security courses
  • xml training courses
  • training courses for cyber security
  • training courses for management
  • training courses for construction

Which online course is best for students ?

training courses and jobs

The answer is -> Kaashiv Infotech – best companies for course for students in india
Job Description for an course program involves the opportunities associated with your field of interest or associated with ur degree.

where to find courses in india

Kaashiv infotech is the right company to do courses in india.

We provide courses for all department an for all degree students

how to apply for course for students ?

Check out or website ->

  • Click the URL to  apply for course
  • Specify the type of training course you are looking for and put the dates to attend the course
  • Our team will provide you confirmation to attend
  • After confirmation,  you can attend the course programme on the specified dates.
  • After completion, recognized course certificate, course report , course project will  be given to you.

Course website

Kaashiv infotech is the top most site relevant to course website
kaashiv offers online training courses too to do courses work from home .

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