internship and apprenticeship / internship or apprenticeship

  • Though an internship and an apprenticeship may look quite similar, there are basic differences between the two.
  • An internship is usually of a quicker duration and may be paid or unpaid and are available in a wide range of fields, both specialized and technical. Also, there is no promise of a full-time service post achievement of the internship.
  • An Apprenticeship on the other hand is of a longer duration and are a paid position. It is usually available in more skill-oriented and training fields, with chances to convert it in a full-time job post completion of the apprenticeship period.
  • Students can study an internship in a wide variety of domains. However, students study an apprenticeship only in those domains where they wish to establish a career.

Internship vs Apprenticeship



short term Internships (1-3 months) longer term apprenticeship (1-3 years).
Internships are unpaid and may not lead to a full-time job. Apprenticeships are paid experiences that lead to full-time employment
Internships do not always include mentorship.  Apprentices accept personalized training with an skilled mentor who walks them through their whole process.
Internship provided to students Apprenticeship provided to potential employees


It is work based learning  Work based training
Internships aren’t structured and often focus on entry-level general work experience. Apprenticeships contain an organized training plan, with a focus on mastering exact skills a manager needs to fill a job within their group.
May or may not lead to an industry-recognized certificate Leads to an industry-recognized certificate