1. Name : Anu C.V                                                                       Dep : computer science

    College Name : Saveetha Engineering College                   Year : 2

     Feedback : We opted for an final year project in Kaashiv infotech,Very well paced with genuine interest in a small group by an experienced, confident and highly skilled trainer. Absolutely wonderful workshop, the best one I did.

2. Name : Kamali                                                Dep : ECE

     College Name : Alagappa college       Year : 3

     Feedback : We completed an final year project in Kaashiv infotech,Excellent content and very knowledgeable trainer. Interesting and stimulating. Great opportunity to improve aspects of communication.

3. Name : Sathish kumar                                             Dep : CSE

     College Name : Sona College of Technology       Year : 3

     Feedback : Kaashiv Infotech Company provides excellent final year project. Enjoyable, eye-opening, helpful – a good starting point

4. Name : Christi P                                              Dep : BCA

     College Name : Rajalakshmi Engineering college      Year : 3

     Feedback : Excellent feedback, good exercises, good speed, well communicated. The trainer made everyone feel very comfortable, able to contribute and take something away. Excellent.

5. Name : M.Mathu                                            Dep : CSE

     College Name : T.J.S Engineering College       Year : 4

     Feedback : It was a really good experience at Kaashiv InfoTech.The trainer was very enthusiastic and there was an element of fun about the course too.I learned many things from the final year project.

6. Name : CN.Anna Durai                                         Dep : IT

     College Name : Valliammai Engineering College       Year : 3

     Feedback :A very useful course with many elements that I can use. Very enjoyable.

7. Name : Sri rama krishna.M                                   Dep : IT

     College Name : SRM Institute of Science & Technology       Year : 3

     Feedback : We had a good experience in Kaashiv Infotech. A fantastic way to improve self confidence through practical exercise – felt at ease at all times. Would highly recommend.

8. Name : Haashnika                               Dep : CSE

     College Name : Adhiparasakthi Engineering College      Year : 4

     Feedback : Perfect teaching & interesting, we are feeling fullfill and i got more ideas then finally it was very nice experience. It is really good to be here in kaashiv to take the final year project on python and machine learning.

9. Name : P.Richchard                     Dep : CSE

     College Name : C. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering & Technology      Year : 3

     Feedback : I really liked the trainer’s approach. Very supportive and relaxed. His approach benefited me in terms of confidence. A relaxed and empowering course – very encouraging with a lot of practical work

10. Name : Lokesh waran.S                    Dep : CSE

     College Name : Hindustan Engineering College     Year : 2

  Feedback : I have done a final year project in python programming language entitled ‘SHIPPING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM’.I did it with very interesting manner.The staff and Managing Director are very cooperative.I have learnt more things regarding python.Finally it was a good experience in Kaashiv InfoTech Company.

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