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Attackers find vulnerabilities in computer hardware and software and utilize or exploit these vulnerabilities to gain access to networks and the information contained within them.

Variety of hackers are there in the market,

  • Black hat hackers – Carry out attacks with malicious intent
  • White hat hackers – Discover vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before they are exploited maliciously
  • Gray hat hackers – Combination of Black hat and White hat

Ethical Hackers can work for government agencies, private network security firms, tech firms, banks, or other organizations that want to secure their IT systems.

Step 1 : Basics of Hacking
(All contents will be spreaded in various pages to avoid getting full content by othes except kaashiv infotech students )

  1. Type of Hackers – – Step by Step Tutorial Link and PDF
  2. Reconnaissance – Learn the weakness of the opponent – 3 Links and 3 PDFs
  3. What is IP Spoofing – Step by Step Tutorial Link and PDF
  4. What is MAC Spoofing- Step by Step Tutorial Link and PDF
  5. What is Virus – 13 Article -2 PDFs


Step 5 : Denial of Service Attack 

  1. DDOS Attack and its types – 1 Link + 2 PDFs
  2. SMURF Attack  – 1 Link + 2 PDFs

Step 12 : Server Hacking

  1. Hack websites in the server – 3 Links and 3 PDFs
  2. How to Hack a Server ?

Step 13 : Whatsapp Hacking

  1. whatsapp Hacking – unblock from whatsapp

Step 15 : Advanced Hacking

  1. Dark Web and Black world – 4 Links in this URL 

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