network security projects –  Kernel Hijacked information Monitoring using Server Stack Technique

network security projects


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Inspecting communication between the client-server in  turn snooping in your own application to penetrate into the network to extract information  for good means is a challenging task in the current IT setup. Generation 1 System focuses on Telnet kind of operations which will take care of remote execution process. Security visualization is one of the major areas where most of the research is going on in visualizing the network nature for the systems. Due to vulnerability attacks and projection matrix manipulation. Many researchers are directed towards security monitoring measures and preventive techniques against intrusions. There are many major techniques and technological jargon dominating the security related stuffs in the IT industry. Many companies are focusing towards projecting their monitoring products in this evolving field.  The goals of the optimization algorithm begin with: minimize running cost, for example (but not restricted to) power consumption; guarantee QoS for every class of application user (we predicted average predicted user response time) satisfy constraints on memory and scale-out (the number of instances of each task); In our project, our focused areas include host/server monitoring in an integrated based environment with specific features like internal and external monitoring, port activity and attack patterns. Important area to focus in this kind of Set Mon system involves, for a task, its number of threads, for a driver task like User Class involves the number of users for a processor, the number of cores

Existing system :

  • Exiting system focuses only on cloud servers, we go ahead in deal with any kind of distributed servers, Parallel computing servers, cloud servers and grid servers too. It widely focused on foremost technical insights for our network visualization areas concentrating towards the Endpoint Connectivity -Host / Server Monitoring.
  • Connectivity with the host and server will be monitoring for any downfall time, Utilization of the system – details about the host vs server utilization & Number of accessible users – Calculating the  individual and concurrent users on the  system has been monitored in network level specification.
  • Apart from this our existing system focuses on the concept of Logging Packet Traces ,where the tracing of the packets traversing between the systems will be notified. Server logs information such as network level monitoring the security and application logs in the server has been traced in network. To learn more on networking, prefer ccna course or ccna internship  or ccna training in chennai

Proposed system :

  • Number of reported error in the server , Authentication information’s & Disabled services in the server have been identified for the security enhancement in network visualization
  • In our system, we are trying to project the detailed view of how the problem occurred and possible solution for the servers.
  • Intrusion related information’s were considered and precautionary measures towards intrusions will be addressed in our future work


     Platform  : DOTNET (VS2010) – dotnet internship  or dotnet training in chennai  or dotnet course

Dot net framework 4.0

     Database:  SQL Server  2008 R2


        Processor : Core 2 duo

         Speed        : 2.2GHZ

         RAM         : 2GB

         Hard Disk  : 160GB



  • The Push based monitoring algorithm is a different way to obtain the information is when monitoring initiative comes from the network devices.
  • Push Based Monitoring Algorithm is used to perform aggregate queries in network traffic in all the cases of user level, security level, hard disk level.
  • Apart from that Security events & User contact details in the network traffic must have to monitor the network visualization effectively to determine the set of flows whose size changes significantly from one period to another.

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network security projects – Screenshots :

networking security project

Request for  Project –   [email protected] ; [email protected] ;[email protected]

Contact Number – 7667668009 / 7667664842

Whatsapp  Number – 7667668009 / 7667664842

For complete project lists  –  final year project for cse

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