BBA Interview Questions


HR  Interview Questions:  


Tell Me Something About Yourself:


Tell Us Some Of Your Weakness:


What Do You Know About Us:


What Is Your Idea Of An Ideal Company:


What Irritates You About Your Co-Worker:


Why you Consider Yourself Suitable for this Position:


Potential Qualities Hiring for this position:


Are You Comfortable Working In A Team:


Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job:


What Qualities Would You Look In Your Senior:


Do You Have Any Questions For Us:


Do You Know Any One who Works For Us:


Tell Us About Your Hobbies:


What Do You Do To Improve Your Knowledge:


How Do You Feel About Working Nights-Weekends:


Why Should We Hire You:


Do You Work Well Under Pressure:


What Is Your Strengths:


Are You Planning For Further Studies:


Quantitative Aptitude:  


Compound Interest:





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