If any student has complete his/her internship programme in any company he/she need to get an experience letter in respect of its completion. Showing the skills and working tenancy of intern within organization. Here is the sample internship experience letter format sample.

Internship Experience Sample

Date: xx-xx-xx

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to certify that (Name: XYZ) has successfully completed his/her internship program of five weeks with (company/Organization Name). His/Her internship period was from (Date) to (Date). He/She was working with (Dept) and was actively involved in the projects and tasks assigned to him/her.

During the span, we found him/her punctual and reliable person. His/Her learning powers are good and he/she picks up quickly. His/Her feedback and evaluation proved that he/she learned strongly. Moreover, his/her interpersonal and communication skills are brilliant.

We wish him/her a bright future.


(Designation/Position Name),

(Company/Organization Name)

Internship letter from company to college

  • The internship letter is the first employment letter one gets that is frequently given to an employee only to confirm him or her as an intern. The letter is handed to the employee when he or she reports to the corporation on the first day. The contents of the letter are typically discussed and transferred between the employer and the employee at the time of taking the decision previous to join.

Internship letter format from company to students


Name of the organization

Street City, state and zip code


Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Student name), This is to confirm that (Name of the organization) is offering (student’s name) an internship position (Job title), beginning (Insert the start date) and ending (Insert the date when the internship will end). This service will responsible to serve as a curricular practical training (CPT) which is related with the academic program at the (name of the university) at (name of the place).

The location of the internship task will be (The address of the company). Your internship manger will be Mr. / Mrs. (the title department). You will be expected to work for (Insert the number of hours) and will accept $ (insert the amount) per hour. Your service ID number is (Organization’s EIN).

Your job tasks will include: (Insert the detail information on what the student will be doing and what will be his/her tasks).

On behalf of the company, I welcome you to (insert the organization).


Hiring manager
(Job title)