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Dotnet Training in Chennai

KaaShiv Infotech offers, Dot Net Training in Chennai. Our, dot net course – provides you an in-depth knowledge on Dot Net Programming.  This , dotnet training – enables the students to understand and learn the current trend in the job market. Students will prefer to trainings build their profile for their jobs and also for their higher studies. Our company provides both offline and online dotnet course for students. Dot Net software training in Chennai -below list of Dot Net areas such as,

  1. Dot Net-Introduction –  Basic Programming, if condition, for loop, while, switch conditions, etc.
  2. C# Operators and Functions –  Conditional, Increment/Decrement, Relational Operator, Functions, Return Statement
  3. C# OOPs Programming Classes and Object, Validation, Login,
  4. C# – Datatypes and Arrays  – Datatype, Strings, Loop, Array, Stack, Queue
  5. C# – Advanced OOPs  – Inheritance, Polymorphism, Sorting, Exception
  6. Application / Project Development  – Libraries Makeup, Integration Testing, Deployment Training
  7. Dot Net Project – Dot Net programming Designing & Development of Project

Highlights of our company

  • Common Wealth Bank Recognized Leading Light Rising Star Winner
  • Run by 10 Years Microsoft Awarded MVP ( Most Valuable Professional )
  • Google Recognized Experts and Cisco Recognized Certified Experts
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Cisco Recognized Certified Experts
  • Artificial Intelligence  and Robotics Experts
  • Asia Book of Record Holder – On Software Application Development
  • INETA Champion Gold Member.
  • Microsoft MSP-MVP Mentor (2015).
  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (2010-14)
  • HCL Technologies Awarded SME ( Subject Matter Expert )
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Why our company provides, dotnet training , for students

The dot net course in chennai Course curriculum is carefully researched and prepared by professionals from MNC to meet the demands expected in the current IT industries. After completing the ,  best dotnet training – at KaaShiv Infotech, students will be familiar with the entire dot net programming, Implementing a dot net project. Below are some of the insights of our programme, dot net course in chennai ,

Gain a new perspective on your student life
Discover New And Hidden Talent
Real-time project development and Technology Training
Bolstering your CV
100% Practical Technology training
Earn academic credit & fulfil academic goals
Real Life Experience and Exposure
After completion, Materials will be provided.
Guidance in creating R & D projects

Trainers to train you

Our, dot net training in porur chennai – Program Trainers are real-time IT experts and professionals worked in dot net programming from leading MNCs like

  • TCS,
  • HCL,
  • Infosys,
  • Cognizant,
  • Wipro
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Benefits of Doing an, dotnet course

What is DotNet Course ? Student can get a real world experience and also our company provides a hands on training in a professional environment. Courses help to getting a chance to try all the possible jobs with exploring different options in career.

  • A chance to develop your knowledge and skills in a particular field or industry. Exploring different roles to see which one you would like to pursue
  • Gaining valuable work experience. Applying the concepts and strategies of academic study in a live work environment
  • top dot net training institutes in chennai – Most of the students will be getting ready for campus placement or off campus interviews.

Career Opportunity for Dot Net Training in Chennai

  • Dotnet Designer
  • Dotnet MVC Developer
  • Dotnet Developer
  • Asp.Net Developer
  • C#.Net Developer
  • Full Stack .Net Developer

KaaShiv Infotech’s , dot net courses – Programme molds your skills based on the above-mentioned technologies and places you in dream job roles from essentials to Advanced.

dot net training institutes in chennai – provides a real time exposure for the students on the latest and trending technologies in the software companies.

What is Dot Net ? - Basic Introduction on Dot Net - Best Dot Net Training


DotNet Internship

ASP.NET Training in Chennai , duration and fees

Learn and Implement
70 to 400 Concepts Covering 9 Technologies
+ 3 to 4 Projects

Dot Net Training in Chennai Course Structure

  • Dot Net Course – Duration: Week Day / Week End – Any Day Any Time – Students can come and study
  • Training hours: 50 hrs
  • Software & other tools installation Guidance
  • Hardware support
  • Dot Net Course Materials creation / Dot Net Project Report creation
  • KaaShiv Infotech is top under,  Dot Net coaching centre near me ,  based 1 real time projects.
  • Certificates will  be given
    • Dot Net Course Completion Certificate  
    • Industrial exposure certificate
    • + ( Achievement certificate for best performers )
    • Free Dot Net course / Free Dot Net online training – After 6 months of regular Paid Course , Course becomes free + For best interns Stipend will be provided + Best Interns will be offered Job too.

Dot Net Training in chennai – Course Structure

100% Practical – Live HandsOn  – Dot Net Course for Programmers

Topic 1 : .Net Framework – Introduction
What is .net Framework, CLR, CLS & CTS, Compilation process in .NET, Assemblies & Versioning
Topic 2 : C# – Introduction
C# Versions, C# Data Types, Variables in C#, Namespaces in C#, C# Compilers, C# Keywords,Iterators in C#, Objects in C# ,C# Object Dispose, C# object to XML, C# check object type, C# Object Serialization, C# Object Equals, C# object sender, C# object initializer, C# object to dictionary, Pointers in C#, C# Literals, C# Commands, C# Custom Attribute,Type Casting in C#, String vs String C#, C# Struct vs Class
Topic 3 : Operators in C# 
Logical Operators in C# , Conditional Operators in C#, Bitwise Operators in C#, C# OR Operator, C# Ternary Operators, Operator Precedence in C#
Topic 4 : Control Statement in .Net
C# if Statement, Else If in C#, Continue in C#, Break in C#, Switch Statement in C#, Goto Statement in C#
Topic 5 : C# Loops  
C# For Loop, C# While Loop, C# do-while loop, C# foreach Loop
Topic 6 : Arrays in .Net
Arrays in C#, 2D Arrays in C#, C# Jagged Arrays, String Array in C#, C# Multidimensional Arrays
Topic 7 : C# Programs 
Patterns in C#, Swapping in C#, Palindrome in C#, Factorial in C#, Fibonacci Series in C#, Random Number Generator in C#, Prime Numbers in C#, Armstrong Number in C#, Reverse String in C#
Topic 8 : C# Constructor and Destructor
Constructor in C#, Copy Constructor in C#, Static Constructor in C#, Destructor in C#
Topic 9 : C# Overloading and Overrideing
Overloading and Overriding in C#, Overloading in C#, Overriding in C#, Method Overloading in C#, Method Overriding in C#, Operator Overloading in C#
Topic 10 : C# Functions
C# Functions, C# String Functions, Math Functions in C#, Recursive Function in C#, C# Anonymous Functions, C# Local Functions, Enum in C#, Trim() in C#, clone() in C#, C# random, C# String Format(),
C# StartsWith(), C# String IndexOf(), DateTime in C#, C# Nullable, C# nameof, C# Buffer, C# checked,
C# String PadLeft,Convert String to Double in C#, Convert int to String C#, String to Date C#, C# intern() , C# Contains(), C# Stopwatch, C# DirectoryInfo, C# User Control, C# Compare() , C# Base, C# SOAP, Lock in C#
Topic 11 : .net framework Advanced
Inheritance in C#, Exception Handling in C#, Types of Exception in C#, C# FileNotFoundException ,C# NullReferenceException, C# OutOfMemoryException, C# StackOverflowException, Custom Exception in C#, What is Multithreading in C#?, C# finally, C# System.IO, What is StringBuilder in C# ,DataReader C#, BinaryWriter in C#, C# BinaryReader, TextWriter in C#, TextReader in C# , C# StringReader, C# StringWriter, C# StreamReader, C# StreamWriter, C# FileInfo, File Handling in C#, What is Design Pattern in C#?, Multithreading in C#, Sorting in C#, Bubble Sort in C#, C# SortedList, C# SortedSet, C# SortedDictionary, Abstract Class in C#, Access Modifiers in C#, C# Generics, Deserialization in C#, C# Thread, C# Thread Join, C# Thread Sleep, C# Thread Synchronization, C# Class, Sealed in C#, Sealed Class in C#, Polymorphism in C#, C# References, C# Call By Reference, Virtual Keyword in C# , Yield Keyword in C#, Regular Expression in C#, C# Lambda Expression, C# Predicate, Convert Object to JSON C#
Topic 12 : C# Windows Application
Checkbox in C# . C# MessageBox, Collections in C#, List in C#, C# LinkedList, Listbox in C#, Protected in C#, C# EventHandler, Private in C#, this Keyword in C#, Static Keyword in C#, C# Out Parameter, Assert in C#, C# Delegates, C# Interface, Generics in C#, Timer in C#, C# Serialization, Metadata in C#, C# Stack, C# Using Static, Queue in C#, C# File.Exists, C# Tuples, C# Create JSON Object, Partial in C#, C# readonly, C# Action Delegate, C# Await Async, C# Asynchronous, C# Dictionary, IEnumerable C#, C# Data Grid View, Static Class in C#, C# Dynamic, Web Services in C#, C# Pattern Matching, C# Extension Methods
C# XmlSerializer
Topic 13 : ADO.NET (Working with Database) 
Overview of ADO.NET, Connected vs Disconnected Architecture, Data Connection Object, Data Command Object, Data Adapter Object, Data Readers, Data Sets & Data Adapters, Structure of Dataset, Execute Non Query, Execute Reader, Execute Scalar
Topic 14 : ASP.NET Programming
Introduction to Web Programming, Client / Server Technology, Understanding Web Server IIS, Page Life Cycle, Global.asax, Web.config, Intrinsic Objects in ASP.Net, Web Form, Web Control Class, Creating Web Forms Application, Handling Images, Navigating between Pages, Managing Server Controls, Server Control Events, Using HTML Controls, Using Data Controls, Repeater ControlValidation and Advanced Concepts in
ASP.Net validation controls, Configuring validation controls, State Management, Preserving State in Web Applications, Using Cookies to Preserve State, ASP.NET Session State, Application State
Topic 15 : MVC Programming 
What is Model ,What is View ,  What is Controller , Router config , razor programming, cs.html file, filter config file, bundle config file, global.asax file, web.config file, MVC design pattern

+ Dot Net Course Completion Certificate

+ Free Industrial exposure certificate + (Achievement certificate for best performers) + 1 Dot Net Project

DotNet Internship
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Thanks for choosing our 100% Practical interactive, dot net training center in chennai with placement . As an Intern, you will get high end technological knowledge for sure. Welcome to KaaShiv Infotech, the Course training company to provide, best dot net training institutes in chennai.

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DotNet Inplant Training

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1. Materials for the Course will be provided after the completion of the Dot Net Programme.

2. Regular tech updates to the students.

3. Free Course Projects given


1. Industry Recognized, certificate for course will be given.

2. Certificates will be given ( Course Completion Certificate & Industrial exposure certificate ) + (Achievement certificate for best performers)


2 day / 3/ 4 / 5 / 10, 20 days or 1 month to 6 Months ( Any Number of Days – Based on student preferences)

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Dot Net Course Online

Dot Net Training in Chennai for freshers / Dot Net Training in Chennai for students

  • Dot Net Training in Chennai for freshers – This training can be done by the freshers to build their career. This programme will provide a clear baseline for  the entry level engineers to  enter into the IT industry.
  • Before entering into the companies, doing training will give you more clarity in the programming field.
  • Kaashiv Infotech recommends all department students, fresher and even school students to take up this dot net training and build their career.

Summer Dot Net Training in Chennai

  • summer Dot Net Training in Chennai – This Dot Net Programme becomes mandatory before  completing their degree for computer science based students Due to  its huge involvement and implementation flexibility in many fields.  Dot Net becomes a universal language for all.
  • The reason for doing Dot net training is, real time industrial exposure is preferred by most of the companies in India. Identifying real time training with a recognized course certificate is very important. After completing the dot net training will acquire  practical knowledge, analytical skills, programming skills and problem-solving skills.

Winter Dot Net Training in Chennai

  • Winter Dot Net Training in Chennai – This training can be done by diploma studying students , engineering students or freshers and arts college students too.
  • Students can prefer the trainings in the winter holidays too. Doing a meaningful learning in the holidays is the best and first step towards the vision of success. The reason is, your career is getting enhanced and Practical knowledge with programming skills carves the dot net interns towards cutting edge technologies. Working as a dot net intern will help them to achieve the same.

Online Dot Net Training

  • kaashiv offers online dot net training – for the students or professionals who prefer, dot net training work from home .
  • Dot Net Training will be learning cutting edge technology based out of dot net with online classes for dot net. Our, training in Dot Net Online Programme provides Online portal to study anytime, online classes to study flexibly , industry recognized certificate with, dot net interview questions for all the attendees. dot net training work – can be preferred from different locations such as, dot net training chennai (or) dot net training in chennai preferred students can learn online and can come down to office to learn and resolve your doubts directly from the trainers.

Dot Net Training in Chennai course details

Dot Net Course, provides a practical exposure for the students on the latest and trending technologies. some of the Top jobs in the IT Industry are

  • Dotnet Designer
  • Dotnet MVC Developer
  • Dotnet Developer
  • Asp.Net Developer
  • C#.Net Developer
  • Full Stack .Net Developer

Dot Net Course duration and fees – 10 hours / 50 hours / Or Any number of days (based on your student preference )

Our, dot net course program – provides an in-depth knowledge on basics to advanced and satisfies the students who are looking for ” dot net course near me ” and also ” dot net courses near me ”

best - dotnet Course

More Question on Dot Net ( Dot Net Coaching classes near me )

What are some good places to learn Dot Net Training in Chennai ?

Kaashiv Infotech is the best place to learn Dot Net training in Chennai where the training’s are provided with real time example.

The Dot Net  training in Chennai Syllabus is designed according to the student needs of the corporate client which will definitely help you to clear the interviews easily.

Which company is best for a Dot Net Course in Chennai ?

Dot Net is a popular high-level programming language. It has advanced data structures and the OOPs concept with a simple syntax. It is mainly used as the best programming language to learn. Dot Net is an accurate fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy programming language that is being used to develop scalable window’s and web applications.

Kaashiv Infotech is one of the best company for a Dot Net Course in Chennai. It is a great option for both beginners and experienced professionals.

How should I start learning Dot Net ?

The right choice by starting to learn Dot Net, because Dot Net is the world’s fastest and most popular programming language not just among SDE’s but also among Mathematicians, Data Analysts, Scientists and even Kids too. The reason is simple because Dot Net is a very user-friendly programming language. Dot Net has the following applications such as Dotnet MVC Developer, Dotnet Developer, Asp.Net Developer, C#.Net Developer, Full Stack .Net Developer, Build web Apps and software testing .

Can I get a course in Dot Net ?

The Answer is, Yes . Kaashiv Infotech  Course and Internship in Dot Net .

Which is the best training institute for a Dot Net certification in chennai ?

Dot Net programming is the best career option for the students. Nowadays companies are in great demand for Dot Net developers. As new startups launched and increased in the work of web development, the use of Dot Net increased. After learning, Dot Net Certification course near me – there are multiple job roles available.

In order to get the best training company, there are many good companies like Kaashiv infotech that focus more on the programming part of the students.
The training center (or) Dot Net coaching near me – center , trains students with live working on the project.

Who is my Dot Net Trainer and how they are selected ?

  • Our trainers are more than 10+ years of experience in course relevant technologies.
  • Trainers are expert level in the subjects they explain because they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have skilled on real-time projects in their industries.
  • Are working professionals working in international companies such as CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, etc…
  • Trained more than 1500+ students in a year.
  • Strong theoretical & practical knowledge.

What certification will I get after Dot Net Training ?

Each student will be given industry-recognized ISO Certified and Microsoft Sealed Dot Net course completion certificate.

Is there an online training which is available for this Dot Net Course ?

  • Yes. We provide Online Dot Net Training programs as well. Timing is completely selected basis the availability of the candidate. Hence very flexible and comfortable.

Is doing training in Dot Net Developer worth it? Can it add some advantage to my resume for campus placement ?

The Answer is, Yes . Training in Dot Net provides lot of technological and programming knowledge to the students and enable them to become professional experts

Should I learn Dot Net or Python ?

If you’re interested in programming, you can learn Dot Net for its easier to learn syntax. If you plan to study computer science/engineering, I would like to recommend Dot Net first because it helps you understand the inner workings of programming as well and then go with Python.

Who can apply for this Dot Net course ?

  • Students belonging to 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year Electronics, Instrumentation, Electronics and Telecommunications and Biomedical engineering can apply for this Dot Net course.
  • Students from Computer science Engineering or Information Technology Engineering can also apply for this course.

How to get Dot Net Training ?

Dot Net Interview Questions and Answers

What is the .NET framework ?

  • The .NET framework supports an object-oriented approach that is used for building applications on windows. It supports various languages like C#, VB, Cobol, Perl, .NET, etc. It has a wide variety of tools and functionalities like class, library and APIs that are used to build, deploy and run web services and different applications.


What are the different components of .NET ?

  • Following are the components of .NET;
    • Common Language run-time
    • Application Domain
    • Common Type System
    • .NET Class Library
    • .NET Framework
    • Profiling


What do you know about CTS ?

  • CTS stands for Common Type System. It follows certain rules according to which a data type should be declared and used in the program code.
  • CTS also describes the data types that are going to be used in the application. We can even make our own classes and functions following the rules in the CTS, it helps in calling the data type declared in one program language by other programming languages.


What is CLR ?

  • CLR stands for common language run-time, it is an important component of the .NET framework.
  • We can use CLR as a building block of various applications and provides a secure execution environment for applications.
  • Whenever an application written in C# is compiled, the code is converted into an intermediate language.
  • After this, the code is targeted to CLR which then performs several operations like memory management, security checks, loading assemblies, and thread management.


Explain CLS ?

  • Common language specification helps the developers to use the components that are inter-language compatible with certain rules that come with CLS.
  • It then helps in reusing the code in other .NET compatible languages.


What do you know about JIT ?

  • JIT is a compiler which stands for Just In Time.
  • It is used to convert the intermediate code into the native language. During the execution, the intermediate code is converted into the native language.


Why do we use Response.Output.Write() ?

  • Response.Output.Write() is used to get the formatted output.


What is BCL ?

  • BCL is a base class library of classes, interfaces and value types
  • It is the foundation of .NET framework applications, components, and controls
  • Encapsulates a huge number of common functions and make them easily available for the developers
  • It provides functionality like threading, input/output, security, diagnostics, resources, globalization, etc.
  • Also serves the purpose of interaction between user and runtime
  • It also provides namespaces that are used very frequently. for eg: system, system.Activities, etc.


What is the difference between namespace and assembly ?

  • An assembly is a physical grouping of logical units whereas namespace groups classes. Also, a namespace can span multiple assemblies as well.


What are the different types of constructors in c# ? 

  • Following are the types of constructors in C#:
    • Default Constructor
    • Parameterized constructor
    • Copy Constructor
    • Static Constructor
    • Private Constructor


What are the different types of assemblies ? 

  • There are two types of assemblies:
    • Private Assembly: It is accessible only to the application, it is installed in the installation directory of the application.
    • Shared Assembly: It can be shared by multiple applications, it is installed in the GAC.


What are MDI and SDI ?

  • MDI( Multiple Document Interface): An MDI lets you open multiple windows, it will have one parent window and as many child windows. The components are shared from the parent window like menubar, toolbar, etc.
  • SDI( Single Document Interface): It opens each document in a separate window. Each window has its own components like menubar, toolbar, etc. Therefore it is not constrained to the parent window.

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