In this, Internship acknowledgement – Internship means the chance for the Student to join in the events of the Host and under the regulation of the Host’s employees.

Internship Period means the period in which the Student will start the Internship.

Project Plan means the project plan established by the Host and the Student which shall specify the aims of the project, a description of the purpose, format of the outputs to be carried by the Student, the dates and hours of attendance by the Student at the Host’s worksite, the name, contact details and attendance hours of the person mainly responsible for providing regulation on behalf of the Host, the schedule of supervision meetings, the key dates and milestones, and the preparations for delivery of the final output.

As part of my responsibility the Unit, I know and agree to the following – Internship acknowledgement :

  •  I will conduct myself in a professional manner at all times in the course of responsibility the Internship and will obey with the reasonable directions of the Host.
  • To develop a Project Plan prior to the start of my Internship Period and will do my best to perform the work planned by the Project Plan in a professional manner. If by agreement with my Host Supervisor, the Project or parts of the Project need to be altered I will adjust the Project Plan.
  • I approve to obey with all attendance requirements and if I am unable to attend on an decided date for a actual reason I will notify my Host supervisor or as soon as practically possible in the conditions and arrange to attend on an alternate day.
  • I know that if I am unable to complete the minimum required Internship Period set out in the Internship Schedule Details, this may mean that I have not fulfilled the requirements of this Unit.
  • I will save any confidential information of the Host.
  • The copyright in any material I generate for my Unit assessment purposes will be owned by me.
  • I will immediately contact the Work integrated learning team if I have any concerns, issues or enquiries regarding the Project and/or management or the Host in my Internship Period or the Internship more generally.

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