Most job openings require candidates to have some experience related to the position. Without this, it would be more tough to join the working world. Fortunately, for students, they can obtain the essential experience by applying for internships. It’s also a essential requirement for most courses. If you support the applications of these students, you send them an internship offer letter.

Internship Offer Letter Format India

Internship is one of the best way to hire students from colleges in India But employer or Start-ups Small Companies always looking for a good Internship Offer Letter Format in india which comply with all the term and conditions of the internship.

Below is a Internship Letter Format in India, but before that you should know about the following things which is must contain in any Internship offer Letter.

  • Be clear about the internship being paid or unPaid
  • Set the Goals of the Internship
  • Assign a manager to act as a tutor
  • Make sure the intern does not face the same pressure as an employee
  • Include a reference to the internship action setting out the legal rights associated with the internship

Internship offer letter sample / Internship Offer Letter Format India


Name of Candidate

Address of Candidate

Dear (Name of Candidate),

I am happy to inform your acceptance of an internship position as (Job Title) in (Department) at an hourly wage of (Rate). Your first day of joining will be (Date). In addition to your duties drawn in the interview, you will report to your supervisor, (supervisor Name).

As an intern, you are not the company’s employee; and therefore, will not accept health and compensation benefits. You appreciate that participating in the internship program is not an offer of employment.

During your internship, you will have an access to company’s clients and private information. You agree that you will keep all this information and client information strictly confidential and will not share it with anybody outside the company. You will not use it for your own benefits and on completion of the internship; you will return documents, equipment, and all property of the company.

Congratulations on the Internship.

Best Regards,
Signature of the HR Representative