Kaashiv infotech offers the internship courses are,

Internship qualifications

  • Your internship must be registered before you start working. You cannot receive credit retroactively.
  • The internship must be in a creative industry that tells to your program of study and specialized goals.
  • You should be working on-site at an established business or with a professional designer.
  •  Remote internships are now recognized as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Internship uses

  • A chance to develop your knowledge and skills in a particular field or industry
  • Exploring different roles to see which one you would like to pursue
  • Getting insight into the way businesses work and what challenges they face on a daily basis
  • The opportunity to create a network of contacts
  • Gaining valuable work experience to set you apart from other candidates
  • Acquiring university module credits
  • Applying the concepts and strategies of academic study in a live work environment

Internship 1 year (or) internship 1st year , internship 2nd year, internship 3rd year students

  • This internship can be done by the 1 st, 2nd,3rd year students. This programme will provide a clear baseline for entry-level college students.
  • Before entering into a specific department, doing an internship will give you more clarity in the business and management field.
  • Kaashiv Infotech recommends all department students to take up this training and build their career.
  • Kaashiv offers the internship duration like internship 1 month / internship 3 months / internship 4 months /  internship 6 months (or) internship 4 weeks are available for the students.
  • Most of the students will be getting ready for campus placement or off-campus interviews. Almost, students will  start their basics of computer knowledge, business analytics, and digital marketing. In addition, applying their basic theoretical ideas into the real world via internship programs hone their skills to the next level of industry knowledge.
  • are internships free – Above 6 months, Internship is free for the attendees with Compulsory Job offer(100% Placement) from our company

Internship without college / internship without college credit

  • Internships can be done by school students too. So no need of degree for doing internships.

Internship qualities

  •  Adaptability
  • A willingness to take initiative
  • The ability to network strategically
  • Be prepared
  • Treat your internship like one really long job interview
  • Be hungry for feedback
  • Remain attentive
  • Manage time wisely