Some degree programs need the conclusion of an internship , but most do not. It is up to the student to ensure that they gain as much hands-on experience as possible before qualification. Most corporations said that they would pay their interns. Whether the internships is paid or unpaid, it is compulsory.

As for methods of applying, internship without degree – there are a couple different routes you can take.

Apply online 

  • This is the standard method of apply for internship position! Most companies will ask internship candidates from colleges to apply through their website anyway. Moreover, most companies have a jobs site that houses applications for their internship and full-time chances as well descriptions and resources.

Get referred

  • If you know somebody well who works at a company, you can approach them for a referral This route is a bit tricky – referrals work 2 ways. For the applicant being referred, it could be an “in” for them. For the worker doing the referring, if the candidate gets doesn’t get hired or does not do well, it could reflect poorly on them. For me, I refer people that I have knowledge of their skills or that I believe would be a good fit for a company. So, if there is someone who has seen your skills, you might ask them

Get involved with a smaller company first

  • Maybe you’ll like working at a start up or smaller company better than at a large company like Google or Microsoft or one with a big name like Facebook. In my view, one of the most important factors in taking an internship is the project/product you’ll be working on. If you find something that you’re passionate about working on, you’ll have a much better time at an internship or job than if you just go to some enormous company to work on a project that you don’t like. Even if you find somewhat you like at a small company but still struggle to work at a larger company, the experience you gain from the initial work experience will help your future applications.