While both training courses and internship are the same in the situation that they both improve you, skill set and put the knowledge increased to practical use. But still, here is a world of difference among the two.
Internships is like a period before actual job where students get to apply the knowledge, they have gained through the course of their education practically. On the other hand, Training is like a skill achievement program where the company guides the students in getting a particle skill set which is mandatory your domain of work. It is more like an informative program where the importance is placed on hands-on learning than theoretical knowledge.

Employment agreement

Training is given only when a person is appointed by a corporation or is previously working with the company for some time. After training is over the candidate will be a permanent employee of the company. While there is no such agreement between an intern and the company. At the end of the internship the candidate can either be given job agreement or be rejected.

Paid vs Unpaid

Internships can be paid as well as unpaid. It fully based on the organization in which the applicant is working. While during training the applicant is on the company’s staff and is paid according to the agreement


The duration of training is purely exposed to the company and can vary from 15-20 days to wherever up to 2-3 months. In the case of Internship, the duration is longer than training can be up to 2-3 months. In some cases, it can even be up to 12 months long.

Internship and training can vary depending on the organization in which you are working. Its duration, salary, etc. are only subjected to a company providing internship or training.

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