internship guidelines for students

Managers are advised to make sure the scope of the internship is meaningful and improves the student’s educational experience and career development. Learning objectives must be planned into the internship programme. A reporting manager must be appointed to be responsible for the learning results of the intern and to confirm that the recognized objectives are met. In order to achieve good learning outcomes for students, internship requests will be partitioned by the Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) or the relevant department / faculty.

The following are guidelines to be tracked by students when joining in the internship program without an internship location pre-arranged.

  1. Student Internship Events must be followed
  2. If a student is joining in an internship for course credit, student is predictable to follow course credit requirements and maintain communication as wanted with their ability internship contact. Proposal deadlines for course credit differ by department, please contact suitable workers.
  3. Student may contact Internship Manager at any time during internship to discuss any substances regarding their internship.
  4. Students must offer their own transport to internships.
  5. While participating in internships, interns are expected to follow company rules, dress appropriately, be professional and ethical and be a respected representative of the Kaashiv infotech. 6. Students are expected to fully participate in their internship experience. Internships are not a time to study, use social media, text/call/email friends, etc.

Internship Roles and Responsibilities

  •  Find the interns by contacting local universities and colleges.
  • Screen the interns to provide quality candidates for the Intern Supervisor.
  • Arrange and organize interviews and the initial seminar between the intern(s) and the Intern Supervisor.
  • Organize and provide Direction to new intern(s) selected.
  •  Provide the tools, capitals and guidance to help the Intern Supervisor select and manage the intern. Provide help to the intern as needed.