Internship Experience – “I was interested by the family culture at Kaashiv infotech after speaking to some of my seniors who had gone through the Kaashiv summer internship programme. As KaashivInfotech is the largest professional services network in the world, I felt that an internship at Kaashiv was a great platform for me to gain deeper visions into the accountancy and audit industry. Kaashiv is also known for its effort on diversity as well as career development programmes which I believe provide many learning chances for the interns.

I have the pleasure to intern for a financial company. They represent the individual clients, and they offer free economic check-ups to people in order to figure out the gap in their plans. After the gaps are recognized, they then recommend the best possible solution from a enormous variety of products presented from all our professional connections. The firm where I am having a practical experience has won the ‘CaringCompany’ award for 6 years in a row so it is also a very socially responsible. Obviously, my company competes in the IT industry, but I am doing my internship with them as a marketing intern.

Challenges that I met during my internship

“Being in the Finance department, I handled specialised accounts which demanded skill sets which had not been trained in the general audit curriculum in school. Hence, this was interesting at times when I was challenged with a new strategy which I had not seen before. However, the seniors and guides were always ready and willing to give their advice and guidance to help me overcome these challenges.”

What I learnt from my internship

“I gained deeper insights into the finance industry and it has helped me meaningfully with my career planning. I developed a better kind of the career path of an examiner through the internship, helping me to make an informed career decision. My biggest takeaway would be the new long-term relationships and connections which I had forged with my colleagues and fellow interns at Kaashiv infotech

My advice for internship

  • Always take creativity in the whole thing that you do.
  • Make a log of everything which you have learnt at the end of each day of internship.
  • Talk to new people and make connections, be it managers, seniors or fellow interns.

Internship experience letter

If any student has complete his/her internship programme in any company he/she need to get an experience letter in respect of its completion. Showing the skills and working tenancy of intern within organization.  Click Here is the sample internship experience letter format sample.