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What is the Alternate of Cable TV?



Cable TV is one of the biggest entertainment sources in the US. It offers hundreds of channels from local to international including movie channels, sports channels, news channels, and whatnot. That is why many households consider it a necessary part of their monthly utilities and pay hundreds of dollars for it.

However, the rising cost of cable TV has forced people to look the other way and find alternatives. Moreover, with the internet becoming more popular, many people realized that they don’t have to sit in front of TVs to watch their favorite shows when they can do that from anywhere. That started a trend of cord-cutting and turning towards the alternatives for cable TV.

So whether you are here because you are tired of paying the high costs every month or joining the cord cutters in the race of freedom to be able to watch from anywhere, we have some options for you. These are not just cost-effective but offer access to great content and allow users to watch from wherever they want.

The only possible downside is that you will need a good internet connection to be able to watch any shows. Since most people already have an internet connection these days, this is not an issue for them. Even those who live in rural areas can now get better speeds with Century link internet and switch to these alternatives. Now without further ado, let’s have a look at these options and see which one works best for you.

Best Alternatives of Cable TV

If you look in the market, you will find that there are several online streaming options that you can go for as an alternative to cable TV. However, not all of them are worth the cost or offer great value. If you truly need something amazing, here are the few options you can choose.


Netflix is an ad-free online streaming service that allows subscribers to watch movies and shows. This includes both past hits and Netflix originals that are released on regular basis and offer value to Netflix customers.

As of April 2021, Netflix has 207 million paid subscribers, making it one of the most popular streaming platforms around the globe while a majority belongs to the US and Canada. It has some of the most amazing shows including Stranger Things, House of Cards, Black Mirror, The Queen’s Gambit, and many more. The new titles are also being added regularly as Netflix is spending a huge amount in creating its own content.

Moreover, if we look at the prices, it is certainly among the most affordable options as well. The Netflix basic plan for one streaming device costs $8.99 per month. Whereas the standard plan costs $12.99 and allows 2 screens at a time, and the premium plan costs $15.99 and allows up to 4 screens at a time. That allows customers to get services for themselves or the whole family at a reasonable price.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a video subscription service offered by Amazon. If you are currently an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will also have access to Prime Video for free.

Amazon Prime Video is just like Netflix, however, the content is not as diverse and great as Netlfix according to some customers. Amazon Prime also offers access to Amazon’s original series as well as the most wanted content from the past.

As for price, the Prime subscription only costs $8.99 per month or $119 per year. That makes it cost-effective and desirable for many. Many people combine this subscription with Showtime, HBO, and several other add-ons to make things more fun.


If you are into streaming content but also want to watch Live TV, Hulu is among the top options for that. Hulu offers access to great content including Hulu originals such as The Handmaiden’s Tale, Normal People, The Act, The Looming Tower, and much more. Along with that, Hulu also has an amazing movie library that is updated regularly.

If we talk about pricing, something that you would love about Hulu is that it has decreased its monthly price rather than increasing it. The basic plan that used to cost $7.99 per month is now available for $5.99. Other plans such as the ad-free basic version now cost $11.99 every month while Hulu+Live TV is available for customers at a monthly price of $44.99.

The Live TV plan allows customers to access everything including the Live TV channels. That is why it is considered the best alternative for cable TV and gives it an edge over other streaming platforms.

Summing up

For those people who are not interested in streaming content or by any chance have no access to a good internet connection, another option that can prove to be an alternative for cable TV is the digital antenna. This allows users to watch their local channels in high quality while avoiding the monthly cost.

That is why many people who only watch local channels go for it rather than paying for both internet and streaming services. The only cost it involves is the upfront cost for the digital antenna that can be bought from anywhere.

In case you have access to a good internet connection, these options would prove to be very cost-effective and you will enjoy the freedom that comes with them.

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hiring and training staff effectively



Human Resource Innovators: Hiring and Training Staff Effectively!

The majority of organizations strive for a talent acquisition strategy to hire candidates for jobs. Still, in this process, they often lose the passive candidates but can easily do the job in a better and effective way. 

In this brief traction, we would try to present some of the tips and strategies that every hiring manager can use for recruiting passive candidates and then retain work from them.

Now one thing that can confuse you here is the difference between active and passive employers. The passive and active candidate is that an active candidate is interested in new job opportunities. In contrast, the passive users would not be already working in another organization. Working in another organization doesn’t mean that they cannot be interested in new opportunities. 

We would like you to know that active candidates would need a lot of training. You would waste a lot of time on this. The smartest choice is to discover passive candidates that are best for your organization. 

Innovating Tips for HR to attract the best candidates!

Here are the tips that would help you optimize the hiring process:

Make the company stand out in the market!

The important thing that you must know is to attract both active and passive candidates, and you have to make sure that your company stands out in the market. Web presence is especially important in this regard. You must increase your brand identity so that passive candidates can know about your company’s culture. You can use recruitment videos for this purpose. 

Improve your company’s culture!

Passive candidates are only interested in companies if they see a better culture and atmosphere from their current workplace. You have to show a culture that promises growth and other career prospects. 

According to recent reports, more than 85% of the passive candidates say that career growth and professional development are especially important. They will move on to a new company only if they feel that the new job would be more rewarding than their current one. 

Write to the point emails!

Targeting candidates with emails is another useful approach. Still, the one thing that you need to know is that you have to write to-the-point emails to these candidates. Long and tedious emails are usually avoided, which is why we suggest you write to the point emails.

Innovating tips that would help you hire candidates!

Here are some of the most effective tips that would help you hire active or passive candidates. Some of you might be using these strategies already:

Using social media!

Social media is one of the best mediums which can connect people. You can find potential active and the most qualified passive candidates with the help of searching on social media like Facebook, Linked In, and many others. You can find professional information about people on these platforms. You can pick the talent which suits your demands the most. Many candidates might also have posted their CV on their profiles. Today online resume builder tools are being used to create attractive and free resumes that can easily be posted on social media and other platforms. 

Implement referral programs!

Implementing referral programs would allow your employees to refer their friends and family to the different job positions opened in your company. These reference programs would get you not only active but also passive candidates. 

This is one of the best strategies that you should try out. Now, this strategy is only helpful if your employees are happy with you. 

Offer more than they expect!

This is also an important technique of hiring the best candidates in your organization. If your target is passive candidates, you can easily hire them by offering them more from what they are taking. 

Everyone wants a raise or promotion, and this is why this technique is most useful. This is also a great way of showing all candidates that your organization is better and well-settled than any other competition. 

How can you retain a candidate after hiring?

Sometimes in training new staff, you can face some issues which eventually cause the new members to leave. You must know that retaining a candidate after hiring is more important and far more difficult than attracting and hiring him/her. 

You must follow some effective strategies that can help you increase the retaining rate. We have seen many companies lose their best internees after training them. This is a major loss in the company’s resources and credit.

The innovative tips that we have listed below would help you retain active and passive candidates. Before reading the tips, you must know that it is quite normal for a candidate to leave your company and join the previous one because it is obvious that your company has a different atmosphere and culture that may not suit their personalities.

Keeping them engaged right from the first day!

Office politics can hurt the retaining of a reliable and perfect candidate. A recruiter should know that the old employers would often bully and tease the newcomers to show their seniority. To avoid these kinds of encounters, you have to make sure that you engage the new team from the very first day. 

Engaging them with work doesn’t mean that you start burdening them from the first day. Rather it means that you create a friendly environment in which they perform well. Furthermore, you have to encourage your current employees to break the ice and be friendly to them. 

Provide a balance between their work and personal life!

Here, a recruiter should also know that he has to balance employees’ work life and personal life. It doesn’t matter if you are targeting passive or active candidates. The important thing is that you are not burdening them to the extent that they are forced to work after office hours. You can easily get the idea of the employees’ age by seeing their resumes that they have prepared by the modern resume builder tools. 

Rewards and recognitions!

Human beings are in constant need of approval and recognition. The more you focus on this point, the better the retaining ratio. One of the perfect ways to do so is to set rewards, certificates, etc., on an annual basis. The award or recognition can also be in terms of a tangible gift or cash prize. Here you must know that an award doesn’t need to be expensive. 

Ensure promotions and increments!

When you keep adding increments every year or so, your employee will stay with you for an exceptionally long time.

 One of the most common reasons employees leave organizations is the lack of increments and promotions!

The problem faced today!

The applications against an open post have increased a lot because the mode of application has changed. Today, because of the online resume builder, anyone can create an attractive Cv and share it with the recruiter from the resume maker tools’ very interface. There are tons of portfolio builder tools with plenty of options. 

One of the most commonly used resume builders is the famous smallseotools. The resume creator by the design studio can help create new resumes. Still, at the same time, it can create problems for the hiring manager as they can get flooded with e-resumes!

After picking the right resumes and following the innovative guide that we have given today, you can easily improve the process of hiring and training your staff!

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Android Games

Top Tips for Game Development



How to Up Your Game Developer Game

Game developers live and breathe gaming. It seems to be that the prerequisite for becoming a game developer is not necessarily a talent for coding, but rather a deep passion for gaming. If you’re the type of person who understands the pure joy of losing oneself in a video game for days on end; if you value the art of storytelling; if your imagination can take flight and soar above the ordinary into the extraordinary, you could be just who the industry is looking for. In this article, we’re going to help you go from game dreamer to game developer by passing on a few tips that we’ve gleaned from the professionals.

Know Your Games

If you’re hoping to develop a new, exciting game, you need to know as much about the industry as possible. The first step is to familiarise yourself with every aspect of gaming. Play as many games as you can and learn the ins and outs of all the different genres of gaming. Check out multi-player games, role playing games, first-person shooter games, fantasy games, and world-builder games. Get to grips with puzzle games and educational games. And don’t dismiss casino games.

The gambling industry is huge, and gambling software developers are some of the most innovative developers in the gaming industry. If you don’t fancy signing up for a casino account, check out the games at no account casinos; you’ll find some excellent ones at Learn as much as you can about how all these games work and try to understand what makes them so popular. The more you know about the games, the more you’ll come to understand the people that are playing these games. This knowledge could be invaluable when it comes to designing your own game, no matter which genre you eventually decide to go for.

Learn Your Craft

Yes, we know we said that coding isn’t everything, but that doesn’t mean that its not important. You need to learn all that you can about coding because it will help you understand what you can and can’t do when it comes to developing your game. Even if you end up getting someone else to help you with coding, it’s a good idea to have a basic idea of how it all works. Start off by learning how to create basic games, like Tetris, for example. And then move on to bigger, more intricate games. Watch videos of professional game developers – they are surprisingly generous with sharing their skills and you’ll find plenty of YouTube videos on game development.

If possible, get a job or an internship at a big software company and learn as much as you can from the professionals who work there. A good software company will be staffed with people who know everything there is to know about gaming, and about the people playing those games. And you will soon learn whether your idea for a game has any chance of making it in such a fiercely competitive industry.

Take the Time to Perfect Your Game

Once you’ve developed your idea into a working prototype, we recommend that you play your game as much as possible. You should also give your game to a few trusted friends or family members to play. The more you play your game, the better you will understand which elements truly work and which elements need to be scrapped. Feedback from friends and family is also invaluable because sometimes, as a game developer, you can be too close to your game to see it clearly. You may be emotionally attached to certain aspects of gameplay or storyline, or even a character, that just doesn’t work. It’s not easy, but you need to be ruthless when it comes to cutting away the dead weight. Play, perfect, play, perfect, until you get it right. Then, and only then, should you show it to a company or release it out into the world.

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Android Games

LDPlayer vs Nox Player: Powerful Android Emulator for Gaming



There’s a lot of reasons why somebody would need to introduce an Android Emulator on their PC. It’s possible that you’re a developer attempting to try out some new applications. An Android emulator is also suitable if a gamer needs to play PUBG on the big screen. There are Android games like Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends which could profit by an emulator. It is easy to play such games with mouse and keyboard controls. Basically any shooter game that you play on your phone will be a lot simpler with the mouse aim. The best part about gaming on PC is you never need to stress over your mobile overheating or low battery. In the end, you get considerable extra memory on your PC contrasted with the internal memory of a phone.

The most effortless approach to play Android games on PC is by using an emulator. Present-day emulators offer different features. These features are hardware acceleration, adjustable resolution, high FPS & controller support. What’s more, some of them even can run many instances of apps at a time. The most recent versions of the top emulators tend to support Android Nougat version 7.1.2. It lets you record directly from your mic and webcam. We tried these Android emulators: LDPlayer & Nox Player one by one and will explain them in a while. Each of them ran fine, in spite of the fact that LDPlayer will in general perform better on most frameworks. Settle on your choice depending on how the UI feels, and which list of features suit you the most. Recall that all Android emulators have their one of a kind benefits and flaws.

About each one of them has a great capability with the most recent update of Windows 10 (we tried on variant 1903). If you don’t have Windows 10, no need to stress out since every one of these emulators should work fine on Windows 7 and 8. It is fine if you pick an emulator that keeps getting updated by its developers. That’s so you can play the most recent version of your preferred games with no hiccups. There are a few emulators that haven’t got any new updates from some time. But, since they haven’t had an update doesn’t mean they can’t run your games. Perhaps you incline toward the UI and list of features of an older emulator. This is because you can verify whether it can run your games. And in case you’re an app developer, go with something that fulfills your needs and demands.


LDPlayer is a blazing fast Android emulator. LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC planned for mobile gamers. With the help of Virtualization technology, the developers have launched 2 Android kernels. And those 2 kernels are Android Lollipop 5.1 and Android Nougat 7.1. So you will discover LDPlayer 3 which is running Android 5.1. And the other one is LDPlayer 4 which is running Android 7.1 on their official site.

ldplayer Powerful Android Emulator for Gaming


LDPlayer can use the virtualization technology in advanced PCs and processors. It helps you get the best of Android OS in your PC without stressing over battery life or anything else. LDPlayer helps you get rid of the limitations of your phone by running games on Android.

LDPlayer is a product of a Chinese software company. The developers have some expertise in virtualization technology and the Android framework. They have launched LDPlayer worldwide so that everybody can use apps and games on their PCs. LD Store and Google Play are accessible to use as play store. You can also side-load the applications or games with the help of individual APK files. It is very easy to drag-n-drop the APK file on the LDPlayer window and it will install the app.

It supports multitasking features (you can play many apps at the same time). This feature is very valuable if you need to experience an Android-style multitask on your PC.

LDPlayer has a high FPS mode which is superior to Nox Player. There is even a Vsync choice to avoid screen tearing if you have a beefy framework able to do high framerates. It includes gamepad support and accompanies the LD Store which is the same as Google Play. You get all your preferred games on the LD Store, yet you don’t need to sign in like you typically would with Google Play.


android emulator gaming app


You can use your keyboard and mouse for everything in LDPlayer. You can use them to run apps like the internet browsers or for game-play on your enormous screen PC. LDPlayer also lets you attach your gamepad or joystick with your work area PC. After this, you can switch LDPlayer to full-screen mode and play the games on your amazing PC.


LDPlayer is an amazing software for playing Android games on your desktop. It offers a drag-n-drop APK installation. It also provides full help for virtualization technology. You will experience the ease and quick response when running games or apps on LDPlayer. These best function settings make it the best emulator for FREE FIRE.

Nox Player:

If you are in search of an Android Emulator for Windows than NOX is the one you should also consider. This emulator comes with plenty of features for a good user experience. If you are looking for an Android Emulator that can fulfill your other needs as well then pick NOX. NOX comes with a plethora of features.  Game-play optimizations, controller compatible, and easy layout are a list of its features. These are some of the things where Nox Player scores more than BluStacks. NOX yet doesn’t outsmart LDPlayer because the key features are the same. Some of the key features are key-mapping with your keyboard, actual controller support. Nox Player also has the ability to key-map gesture controls.


nox layer install android emulator


For example, you can assign the function to swipe right to an arrow key and use it later on. You can use that in a game without genuine equipment controller support. It’s a great deal of fun and appears to work most of the time. It’s additionally completely free and ongoing development.

It depends on Android Lollipop 5.1.1. But you can run various Android versions up to Nougat using its Multi-Drive option. One factor where Nox Player outnumbers BluStacks features is to get root access. If at any point you’ve tried rooting BluStacks, you’d realize that it is anything but an easy task. In any case, on Nox Player, you need to empower a switch in the settings, and you’re done rooting. That is how straightforward Nox Player is for you.

nox player android games



Nox Player supports loading and installing several other apps. But there appears to be a problem when you try and install other applications in Nox Player. Nox Player needs to get the bug fixed.

Nox Player supports a built-in keyboard and mouse, and it even works with gamepads. It supports gamepads like the Xbox 360 controller. But there seems to be a problem while setting it up on PUBG Mobile. Nox Player is not game-specific. But there seems to be a problem adjusting with some games. This is not a favorable condition for a professional gamer. We hope the next update won’t involve these minor bugs.

Nox gives you a stock variant of Android. Keeping in mind that it was built for gamers, you can add different apps from the Google Play Store. Nox is free to access. Yet it consists of great extras accessible from a vertical toolbar on the right side of the window.

nox player Android game


Nox Player seems to support every Android game out there. Despite the fact that it lags when compared to LDPlayer. You will have to enable VT on your CPU to take full advantage of this emulator. Nox Player claims to be in compliance with the GDPR. This implies they are less likely to sell your information. But we did notice that the emulator would hurl an irregular ad for sponsored content. Not super annoying yet it affects users’ attention. When you first boot up Nox Player, it will be running an occurrence of Android 5. Yet you can go into the settings and make another one that runs Android Nougat.


You can download these Android emulators for gaming from their official websites. Mainstream games like PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, and Free Fire on PC can run with an emulator. One final thing to recall is that you need a powerful PC to control these emulators to get a smooth game-play.

LDPlayer is the best Android emulator that you can install on your Windows PC. It provides plenty of customization features and functions.

Every user owns a different kind of system. It is fruitful for every person to prefer the emulator which fulfills their needs. So far the comparison between LDPlayer and Nox Player shows that you should pick the former. LDPlayer as well as lets its user run multiple apps at the same time. It also encourages users to expect speedy functioning. Running many apps in different windows doesn’t slow down the working. And that is the reason why you would always see people prefer LDPlayer over any other emulator.

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