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A Working Guide on How to Write a Lab Report



Being a student who studies exact sciences is a difficult occasion. They often need to write lab reports to show their knowledge and reveal their understanding of a subject. A lab report is an academic work that focuses on new findings and provides food for thought to further researchers. In our guide, we collected ten steps you need to follow to write a lab report correctly. Otherwise, you can always visit a particular lab report writing service to see samples of how experienced specialists do it.

1. Come up with a topic.

It might be difficult to create new lab reports each time, whether it is the same subject or not. For instance, if you write a lab report on biology, you need to think about the topic you are experienced in. Indeed, students don’t want to repeatedly write about a similar theme. At this stage, you should find a topic that is interesting for you to explore.

The topic is the primary thing readers pay attention to in a lab report. The topic is also the name of the lab report, consisting of no more than ten words and printed on the title page. Also, the title page includes the date and group participants of the experiment.

2. Provide an abstract.

An abstract is an essential element that starts each lab report. Students need to provide the purpose of the experiment, as well as a short outcome, non-detailed discussion, and generalized summary. Sometimes to this overview, young researchers add the theoretical foundation and exploration methods. Reading an abstract, anyone who is not involved in the scientific field should understand the meaning of your work. What concerns the length, an abstract consists of 200 words and fits one page.

3. Introduce your work.

While an abstract is a more generalized part of a lab report, an introduction tells everything in detail. Go into a focused explanation of the subject matter and support your knowledge with theory. Reveal what is in the following lab report sections and why this experiment is vital for further scientific development. Mark the materials or special equipment you’ve used to reach the goal. Also, don’t forget to provide a thesis statement, which will give a foundation for further justifications.

4. Write about methods and equipment.

The materials you’ve used during the experiment should be reflected in this section. They highly affect the method you’ve chosen to reach findings and provide relevant ground to depict in the lab report. Sometimes students can redirect readers to the appendices, where they detail the manual procedure of an experiment. If it is more comfortable for you or fits the lab report’s requirements, you can do this as well. Correct references will help scholars and the common audience to understand facts and numbers, especially if your lab report is too extended.

5. Reveal the experiment.

All steps you’ve done to write this lab report are based on experimental actions themselves. In this section, you should include the step-by-step process in chronological order. If you’ve faced some challenges, don’t be afraid to detail them. There is also no need to omit experiments that did not bring any result. This procedure could help other scholars to conduct an experiment and explore new horizons with the same subject. Still, make sure you don’t interpret results in this section because you can do it in another section of the lab report.

6. Move to results.

The goal you wanted to achieve during the experiment can be shown in this part of the paper. Provide tables of content with anything connected to the experiment’s result: figures, graphs, calculations, photos of the process, and anything else. You can explain each piece of evidence in words to clarify numbers, formulas, or accounting. This section should be understandable for readers and show the purpose of your work. Some students can also add results in the appendices as methods and equipment.

7. Discuss what you have.

In the discussion, you can finally interpret the results and analyze the success of your experiment. If it didn’t correspond to the thesis statement and your expectations were not met, tell about it honestly. Justify the importance of your work and write about the purpose of an experiment. Make sure you’ve delivered your idea with passion and interest for the topic. Otherwise, reading your lab report would bore your audience, and they are unlikely to reach this part of your work.

8. Work on the conclusion.

The pre-final part of your lab report should insist on supportive words about the project. Evaluate all details you’ve included in it and show how it helps the overall scientific field. Also, if you feel that the experiment demands some improvements, don’t be shy to write about it in the lab report. Focus on what you’ve done through the project and how it relates to the thesis statement.

9. Include appendices and references.

If you use some sources, mention them in this section. Any quote you’ve added in your lab report should be listed with the author’s name and reference in alphabetical order. In the appendices, you can add images, methods, equipment descriptions, and results.

10 Edit your lab report.

Note that you should write in the present tense for every citation or law you use based on scientific theory because they are stable. Also, when you need to mention details of the experiment, use the past tense because these actions are already done. Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling to make your lab report attractive, as it is strange for a scientist to write with issues. Edit carefully and ask your experienced peers for help if needed.

Before you start

Writing a lab report is not as complex as it seems at first sight. Just get into the topic and follow strict instructions for a compelling exploration. Anyway, you can always ask your teacher for advice. Otherwise, turn back to our helpful list and take whatever you need to impress everyone in class with your perfect lab report!

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How is the Current Chip Shortage Affecting the Smartphone and Technology Industries ?



When looking at the technology industry, it’s easy to think that it will continue to grow exponentially. For instance, smartphone shipments will surpass 1.4 billion units in 2021, an increase of 12 percent from the previous year. That sounds promising, but there is also some bleaker news that production may be slowed down by a global chip shortage. What is this issue, and how will it affect the end-user?

What is the Chip Shortage?

Microchips aren’t just used to make smartphones, they’re a feature of pretty much any piece of modern technology. Indeed, semiconductor chips are among the world’s most precious resources. Because any product that needs power also needs a microchip, the demand for chips has grown alongside the increase in the production of technology.

The recent increased necessity of electronic items has pushed the need for microchips up. But, because the production of chips was halted during 2020, the chip manufacturers are now playing catch up. This has brought about shortages, meaning that not every company that needs chips will be able to get hold of them. It has also pushed the price up on the chips, which will then get passed down to devices that use them.

Old and Low Entry Smartphones are Still Relevant

Obviously, if device prices go up it spells bad news for consumers who want to keep up to date with the latest and best pieces of tech. However, it should be noted that old and low-entry smartphones are still able to perform a lot of the same functions as new ones. For example, the very popular mobile casino, Genesis Casino, can be accessed on any device post-2014, thanks to the rise of HTML5 and streaming.

This is good news, because online casino gaming is one of the most common forms of entertainment on smartphones. Developers now target the booming mobile audience as their primary demographic, knowing that a much greater proportion of players prefer the handheld device over desktop. That’s why games like Book of Dead look perfect on the mobile screen. The developers considered the portable specs first and made the game more immersive on the device.

Will This Slow Down Progression?

Aside from inflated prices on high-end pieces of technology, the main change that end-users will notice could be the slowing down of progression in the smartphone industry. Society has grown accustomed to seeing brand-new, revolutionary smartphone innovations on a yearly basis. Sometimes, from the major companies, they come even more frequently than this. The chip shortage could lead to a deceleration in these releases as the microchip manufacturers try to boost their production lines.

The chip shortage is likely to halt progression and raise the prices of high-end pieces of technology for the next few years. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom for consumers. They can still access their favourite forms of entertainment from lower-spec smartphones and should be able to wait out the storm.

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How To Do Profitable IPL Betting On Parimatch India Website



The Indian Premier League (IPL) is India’s most popular Twenty20 leagues, with a vast audience. In the year 2007, it was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India ( BBCI). Cricket is one of India’s most popular games, and watching IPL is one of the best ways to spend your free time. As IPL is one of the most popular events conducted in India, it has a large audience.

Hence the number of bettors is enormous. How about earning profit just through watching IPL matches? However, in India, the availability of betting sites in India was not incredible. But in recent years, more and more betting sites are being created. Parimatch India is one such site through which you can earn through online cricket betting. About 57% of the youth population bets online.

Bet On Cricket Online

Many people are now taking online betting as their profession. In India, online betting has just become popular among youths and people. As Indians go crazy about cricket,  cricket betting has become famous among the youths.

Who knew that earning money would be easy. Parimatch sports betting includes the IPL and esports like DOTA, MMA1, League of Legends, and many more. Parimatch app is an app in which bettors can bet on their favorite teams or predict the winning team. Parimatch login is easy and can be done through IOS / Android devices. One can also gain profits through logging in from the desktop. Parimatch betting is genuine and uncomplicated. You can play bets on cricket here –


Tips To Keep In Mind For Profitable Betting Through Online

1) Should be afraid to bet on both teams – Bettings should be done on both teams. Usually, bettors bet on one team. The momentum of the game keeps changing with time. So to increase profit, one should bet on both teams

2) Study Stats – One of the essential IPL betting tips is researching before investing money. The result of the previous match should check previous rates, previous run rates, and the winner.

3) Several Accounts – This does not mean you create several accounts under the same bookmark’s site, not at all! One should create two to three accounts in different bookmarkers.

4) Pitch condition – One should never ignore the significance of pitch condition. Always mind checking the pace of the pitch, how the bowlers are going to play, or the run rates.

5)Weather Condition – It is one of the main factors; betters should have a detailed study of the climate before betting, which plays a vital role in the game. For example, the whole winning match could be stopped through mere rainfall.

Live Betting

One of the best ways to keep online betting exciting is to start with bet cricket live. You can hear it right; you can wager on matches while they unfold. Many betters love to live or in-play betting as they find it much more enjoyable. Watching the game on second and then predicting what next is going to happen is so exciting. For experienced bettors, live betting brings them much more opportunities.

Indian Premier League Odds

IPL 2020 was a great year as more and more bettors took part than any other season. So the cricket betters are hoping for a further rise in bettors in 2021. To keep the best odds possible for your bets, one should keep an eye on the IPL betting odds as they keep on fluctuating. There’s already a lot of online cricket betting happening as the Indian Premier League betting odds for the outright winner of the tournament to be already out. So fans put their money on what they predict will happen next. The most popular markets include the IPL batsman, the top bowler, and the outright winner. You can also bet on teams and who will win the regular season.

How IPL Odds Work In Betting?

It is a metric used for determining the probability of a specific match. Several websites can change percentages to odds to make it more understandable for you. One thing you should keep in mind is that Odds is a percentage that is usually less than 2.


Making money through Parimatch India is not at all complicated. Though betting in India was not as easy as before, brokers and third parties were involved. Bettors used to stand in enormous queues in front of agencies. But as everything is turning online, from education to food ordering.

Betting on matches has also become a new trend. This is easier as betters get money directly transferred to their accounts through net banking, UPI, Paytm wallet, and even Bitcoins. Bet on cricket online has increased a lot. Parimatch has also got a 24/7 helpline, which makes it easier for beginners to use. Many sites have specifically tailored their services in Hindi for Indians and the offering deposits in Indian Rupees (INR).

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Article rewriter

5 techniques to rewrite an article to make it more unique



Rewriting an article is also a part of content writing where you rewrite an article in your words.

It eases the job of a writer because in rewriting, there is no need to write from the scratch.

Rewriting an article doesn’t mean to change some specific words or adding multiple phrases to create new content.

In rewriting, the writer takes the actual idea and purpose of the author and writes a new article in his/her own words.

article rewriter

Before discussing the five techniques to rewrite an article, first, you need to learn the following ways to rewrite an article:

Different Ways to Rewrite a Unique Article

·      Reread Original Content Multiple Times

If you’re facing any problem in rewriting a new article, then reread the original content of the author.

This will help to focus on the message of the author that what he wants to deliver to the audience.

If you got new ideas, you also have the option to express them in your words.

·      Write a Catchy Introduction

Writing an effective and attractive introduction is one of the best ways to make an impressive article.

This will also help to engage the user for the maximum on your platform.

So, always make a catchy introduction to the article to keep visitors reading the content until the end of the article.

·      Add Headings in the Article

Adding headings and suitable subheadings play a great role in improving the layout of an article.

When a writer adds one to a long portion of the content, it makes the article more readable.

You can also expand the section by adding subheadings to engage readers for maximum time.

·      Put Several Links

The writer has the option to add links to the article to increase its value and effectiveness.

Before putting links, make sure that you have got them from strong and high authority websites.

·      Use Relevant Graphics

To make the article more unique, you can add relevant images to the article to make it interactive and interesting.

Adding useful media files, bullets, and charts provide readers a clear and understandable way to dread the article.

Adding the relevant graphics in the content can be very effective at catching the attention of the readers to want to read more.


Further in this article, we’ll discuss some best techniques that can help writers to write creative and effective content.

5 Techniques to Rewrite an Article

1.    Combined Multiple Related Posts

The most important thing in rewriting a new article is to understand the idea of the author.

Read multiple articles and blog posts, take the main idea of the author, and try to write unique content by combining the idea from multiple posts.

In rewriting, you’re just copying the idea not the exact words of the author.

You don’t have to look at the sentence structure of the original article.

Just understand the idea inside the content and start rewriting the content.

2.    Preventing Readers Drop-off

While writing an article, writers have to check the first and last sentence of every paragraph to avoid readers’ drop off.

Always try to write the first line of the paragraph catchy and interesting to engage the reader for maximum time on your article.

On the other side, the last sentence of every paragraph must have a safe way to the opener of the upcoming paragraph in the content.

Try to engage the audience for maximum time on your platform to avoid readers drop off.

3.    Changes up the Sentence Structure

Whenever you’re writing content for any online purpose, try not to write long and useless sentences.

This leads to the readers drop off and always try to write short and catchy sentences to grab more audience.

Also, try to write sentences in a unique format and must change the sentence structure for every new paragraph.

The sentences must be short and completely describes your main idea that what you’re trying to address in the article.

All you need to do is to focus on the main purpose of the author and try to rewrite sentences by replacing a few words.

4.    Try to Rewrite Paragraph

Simply read the article over and over again to avoid using the common words in the article.

Read the original content, understand the purpose of the author that what the author is trying to address in the content.

Then start writing a new piece of content by rewriting paragraphs.

Multiple online spinners are widely used in rewriting articles for several purposes.


rewrite article

And while rewriting content, always try to reduce the chances of unintentionally copying the exact words or sentences of the original author.

Also, a content spinner can be used to rewrite an article by replacing a few words and sentences from the original article.

And to prevent any copyright strike, must add the actual source of the content in the article.

If you use any quotations, must add the proper references in the content.

This will help to redirect the reader to the original source of the content.

There are several sites offering rewriting tool such as Wordai, and Coderduck.

1.    Update the Content

If any new idea or suggestion has come to your mind related to the content, try to write additional content to avoid plagiarism.

Most of the time, rewriting words and rephrasing the original content is not enough to make the article unique.

So, there is much need to update quality content in the article to make it effective.

Also, never follow the same style and order of the original content.

Keep trying to add useful and meaningful content to engage users.

Last Words

Unique and quality content plays a great role in multiple professional online services.

We’ve mentioned above some excellent techniques that can help writers to rewrite an article to make it more unique.

And one of the most common things to remember while rewriting is that you’re just copying the idea, not the words of the author.

Try to prevent the reader from drop off by making the first sentence of every paragraph attractive and catchy.

Also, update the content by expressing new and creative ideas in your own words to engage the user for maximum time.

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