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5 Tips To Write An Amazing Essay



Are you a student who gets plenty of written assignments on various subjects regularly? You definitely know how it feels like when you face the frustration and so-called “writers’ block” when you cannot complete any task. One of the most common writing assignments for students of high schools, colleges, and universities. Troubles in writing can appear at any stage of your studying, whether you are a sophomore or already getting your first degree. That is why having the ability to rely on trustworthy assistance is vital when you are a student. Among plenty of writing services, is one of the best, offering paying prices for top-notch works. Opt for help if you do not fit deadlines and save your GPA.

write essay online

If at the moment you are up to create an essay by yourself, below you will find some working tips on how to do it effectively

  • What is an essay?

An essay is a composition written on a particular topic and reflects the author’s vision and thoughts. There are several types of essays, and each of them has an appropriate writing goal. Among the essay types are the following:

  • Narrative essay
  • Expository essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Admission essay


  • Tip 1. Start with sourcing

Credible sources are vital when it comes to any type of essay. Start with going through your teacher’s instructions as usually, they contain the list of sources to consider when writing your paper. Use various sources, from books and magazines to blogs and podcasts, to see the whole picture. Read all on the topic to become familiar with your essay narrative.

  • Tip 2. Develop the main thesis

It is time to generate the main thesis following your vision and formulate it briefly. Formulate the main thesis easy enough to understand and stimulate the audience to develop their thoughts on the essay’s topic. Try to choose an interesting topic to make the main thesis interesting and thoughts provocative.

  • Tip 3. Create an outline

Make sure to follow an appropriate structure when writing an essay. It does not matter whether you are writing a narrative or an argumentative essay; an outline is a king. The vital section of any essay is an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

An introduction must represent and highlight your thesis statement, shortly explaining the primary thoughts of an author. For some types of essays, it is essential to create a hook that will draw your readers; attention and make them proceed with reading.

The main body contains an author’s main ideas that must be explained and supported with facts from credible sources. Start each of your thoughts with a new paragraph to make it easy to read. Do not repeat or rephrase your statements keeping them simple and readable.

A conclusion contains some disclosing remarks and does not represent any new data. Make sure to make it short, reminding your audience of the main thesis statement and your core arguments.

  • Tip 4. Follow the logical path

For any essay, it is vital to explain your thoughts and conclusions in a readable way. Before you will start writing, define the main goal of an essay and then create a draft. While you will be rewriting your draft, make each of the sentences support the previous one. Such an approach will help you create a direct logical path, and your readership will easily understand your point.

  • Tip 5. Edit with patience

It would help if you were patient when it comes to editing your essay. It would help if you prepared yourself that it takes time to do it excellent and effective. Some online tools will ease your proofreading process. Among them are Hemingway, Grammarly, and other useful instruments that will be helpful. You can also encourage and engage in editing your family or friends by reading them your essay aloud. You will get a lot of useful advice from them.

These were the ultimate working hacks that will help you create a meaningful and well-structured essay. Do not forget to begin with sourcing. Take time to dive deeper into the area to write an essay that will stand out. Structure your essay appropriately, and do not forget to follow the logical path in your text. Polish your paper with attentive editing to make it brilliant.

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Your Interview Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read This



For most of us, interviews are scary and intimidating. The constant pressure to appear as a viable candidate in front of the interviewer is overwhelming.

According to a recent survey, it was seen that the average conversion rate for jobs lies between 30-40%. So, if you want to make a difference and stand out, you are reading the right article!

  1. It all starts with building the right CV!

When you are applying for your dream job, it is like fighting an uphill battle. In that case, you need to be equipped with the right arms and ammunition. You have to curate the perfect CV.

What are the things that you need to highlight? Start with your achievements followed by your academics and so on. But make sure your CV is properly organized and segmented so that you do not end up cluttering it.

Only the achievements or experiences that can be justified with a viable certificate must be mentioned. For instance, winning an elocution contest in the 7th standard is an irrelevant achievement in comparison to contributing a research paper in your final semester of college.

  1. The first impression is always the last impression!

I am sure you have heard this 100 times, but irrespective of as many times you hear it, it still holds true. If you want to progress to the next rounds of interview, you need first to make a statement.

The clothes you wear also showcase your confidence. It is better to dress in formals, but make sure they are well-ironed.

For men, the hair and facial hair should be neatly trimmed and for women, you should keep your hair neatly tied, with minimal or no makeup. You should also smell nice, as it adds to the confidence and your polished shoes will speak a lot about your personality in general.

  1. Do a little research about the company and the job opening.

If you want to create a difference amidst the crowd, you should be well informed about the company. You can read about it on the internet, and do basic research about their mission and vision.

If you know what the job opening is, you should also read about the job description and find out how you can fit in the role and make a difference.

As a part of the interview preparation process, you can also check out Top Interview Questions by IK and find out questions relating to your relevant domain of the interview.

  1. Craft your opening statement around a fruitful introduction.

An opening statement matters a lot if you want to set the tone of the interview. It can be an introduction statement, showing the side of you, which is not there on your CV, or you can also pick up an arbitrary topic, which has relevance to your interview, and talk about your opinion in general. It is a great ice-breaker that helps you to stand out among everyone else.

  1. Never shy away from highlighting your achievements.

Your achievements are your hard-earned efforts. So, never fail to talk about it and highlight its prowess. This will also help the recruiter to understand your strengths, however, you should also highlight the crisis, which you have managed in these situations.

Nothing is as good as a candidate, who can keep control of their nerves while managing a crisis. If you want more insights, you can also go to Interview Kickstart on YouTube, as this channel has a repository of preparation videos.

  1. Are you the right candidate for the job?

Why would the interviewer hire you for the job when they are 100 others sitting with the same credentials? So, understand the requirements of the job role, and then curate your answer depending on that.

This shows that you are prepared and ready for the job. Make sure that your passion is visible in your conversation and your determination to learn is felt during the interview.

Over to you…

A study showed that 47% of interviews end up not giving jobs to people who do not know the company, well. So, if you don’t want to contribute to that, make sure you do your research well.

All the best!

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The Best New Careers in Technology



The latest advances in technology benefit our lives and careers in many ways. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of living in such exciting times is that the technology-related jobs market is constantly evolving to reflect the new opportunities that arise.

What are some of the best new careers in technology that simply didn’t exist in the past or that have become far more widespread than before? The following are some of the jobs that have become far more common and seem certain to carry on growing in the near future.


blockchain engineer

Source: Pixabay

Blockchain Engineer/Developer

This new industry has exploded in popularity in the last few years. Research carried out by The Block in 2019 showed that over 40% of people working in the blockchain industry were employed by crypto exchanges. However, many banks, governments, and other organisations are also starting to use this type of cutting-edge technology to improve their processes.

There is a variety of types of roles in the industry, with blockchain engineer one of the most appealing. This is a job that involves creating or improving blockchain applications, with some of the main skills needed being web development, data architecture, and a cryptography background. One of the most interesting aspects of the blockchain industry just now is the lack of skilled workers ready to take on the growing number of roles becoming available.

This is why blockchain training has become such a hot subject lately, and why it is one of the best-paying roles in the technology world.  Reports of the average UK salary vary, with a figure of around £50,000 most commonly stated. In the US, a salary of $150,000 upwards is quoted as the average.

Data Scientist

This is a job that involves bringing together and then analysing huge volumes of data, to improve the company’s decision making. It requires a variety of skills, such as data visualisation, statistics, reporting, data mining, and communication. The overall aim is to gain valuable insights through a better understanding of large quantities of data.

The reason that this role has come to the fore in recent times is that many businesses have identified the power and importance of workers with knowledge of big data in the modern business world. The role of data has grown enormously in the last few years, as more sophisticated ways have been found to use it wisely.

The top country in terms of numbers of data scientists being recruited is the US, followed by India in second place. This means that the average salary on offer in these countries is steadily increasing. Most major companies now have data scientists working for them, while even more modestly-sized firms can see benefits from doing this.

Game Developer

The huge scale of the gaming industry can be seen in the fact that a 12% compound annual growth rate is expected between 2020 and 2025. The increasing importance of virtual reality and the blockchain are a couple of the main reasons why this is such a vibrant industry. In terms of video games, there are top companies located all over the world, such as Nintendo in Japan, Valve in the US, and Ubisoft in France.

In 2017, it was noted that about 2,500 companies in this industry directly or indirectly supported 220,000 jobs in the US. Another area with interesting prospects is the casino games industry, with the online gambling market predicted to grow from $US58.9 billion in 2019 to over $66.5 billion in 2020 according to ResearchandMarkets.

The VegasSlotsOnline site shows that top slots developers include names such as IGT, Bally, Playtech, and Red Tiger. It is noted that they each have their brand style and create many new games each year. Some of these firms are based in the UK, the US, and Malta, while other locations for the biggest companies in this industry include Sweden, Costa Rica, and Estonia. As such, the location shouldn’t be a limiting factor.

data scientist

data scientist

Source: Pixabay

Platform Engineer

There is currently some debate over whether platform engineer is a completely new type of role, or if it is simply the type of job previously carried out by site reliability engineers in an infrastructure team. The truth is that it doesn’t particularly matter, as it remains a highly attractive and challenging job with excellent salary prospects all over the world.

Part of the reason for the lack of clarity mentioned earlier is that there are differing opinions on what these people do. The general scope of this role is to make it easier for end-users to get hold of the software the company provides, but the exact duties can vary widely according to the specific needs of each company.

This can mean that the platform engineers control how they shift over to a new system, or how they roll out a new application to their customer base. As with all of these roles, the experience and skills required by employers will vary according to their needs, but programming, research, and communication are three of the key areas to expect in just about any position of this type.

As the business world continues to take advantage of the latest types of technology, we can look forward to more exciting opportunities, such as those above, appearing all over the planet.

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