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WhatsApp Tricks: 20 Hidden Features That Every iPhone User Must Try



If you’re reading this text immediately then you recognize that WhatsApp is without a doubt one among the foremost popular chat messengers out there. once you think WhatsApp tricks, most of the people tend to associate it with Android, but there’s absolutely no shortage of WhatsApp iPhone tricks either. If you would like WhatsApp iPhone tricks in 2020, you’re within the perfect place. From scheduling messages on WhatsApp to sending WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers, this list of WhatsApp iPhone tricks has everything covered.

1. WhatsApp: the way to schedule a message

Yes, you read that right, there is a thanks to schedule messages on WhatsApp for iPhone. this is not as easy as scheduling emails or tweets, but it isn’t too hard either. For this, you will have to believe Siri Shortcuts, which is an Apple app that permits you to automate just about everything on iPhone. Follow these steps to schedule a message on WhatsApp for iPhone:

1. Download the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and open it.
2. Select the Automation tab at rock bottom and tap Create Personal Automation.
3. On subsequent screen, tap Time of Day to schedule when to run your automation. during this case, select the dates and times once you want to schedule WhatsApp messages. Once that’s done, tap Next.
4. Tap Add Action then within the search bar type Text and from the list of actions that appear select Text.
5. After that, enter your message within the text field. This message is whatever you would like to schedule, such as, ‘Happy birthday’.
6. After you’re done entering your message, tap the + icon below the text field and within the search bar search for WhatsApp.
7. From the list of actions that appear, select Send Message via WhatsApp. Choose the recipient and hit Next. Finally, on subsequent screen, tap Done.
8. Now at the scheduled time, you will get a notification from the Shortcuts app. Tap the notification and it’ll open WhatsApp together with your message pasted within the text field. All you’ve got to try to to is hit Send.
One more thing to notice is that you simply can only schedule WhatsApp messages for up to every week , which is quite a bummer but a minimum of now you recognize the way to schedule a message on WhatsApp.

If that’s too short a limit for you, you’ll always do this one. this is often one among the foremost complex Siri Shortcuts we’ve ever encounter but it does schedule WhatsApp messages for any date and time if you configure it properly. It worked well on one among our iPhones but kept crashing on the opposite , so your mileage may vary with this one. However, we were ready to schedule a message using both methods so you’ll choose the one you wish .

2.WhatsApp: the way to send message without adding contact

You can send WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers just by running an easy command using the Shortcuts app. Follow these steps:

1. Download the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and open it. Now run any shortcut once. Then attend Settings on your iPhone and scroll right down to Shortcuts > enable Allow Untrusted Shortcuts. this may allow you to run Shortcuts downloaded from the web .
2. Now open this link and tap Get Shortcut.
3. You’ll be redirected to the Shortcuts app. On the Add Shortcut page, scroll to rock bottom and tap Add Untrusted Shortcut from rock bottom .
4. Now return to the My Shortcuts page and run the command, WhatsApp to Non Contact.
5. Once you run this, you’ll be asked to enter the recipient’s number. Enter it along side the country code and you will be redirected to WhatsApp with a replacement message window open.
6. You can also tap the three dots icon at the highest of the shortcut > then tap increase Home Screen for quick access.

3.See who’s messaged you without opening WhatsApp

Here’s the way to see recent WhatsApp Status and chats without even opening the app. This method doesn’t show you the contents of the status or chats, but you’ll quickly see who’s messaged recently without opening the app. For this, you would like to feature the WhatsApp widget on your iPhone.

1.Swipe right the house screen to open the Today View, which is where you see all the widgets.
2. Scroll to rock bottom and tap Edit.
3. On the Add Widgets page, search for WhatsApp > tap + to feature it in Today View. Tap Done to end .
4. You’ll now be ready to see four people who’ve messaged recently and WhatsApp Status updates from four more people. once you tap any of those eight icons, it’ll open the app and take you to the chat or WhatsApp Status.

4.Add a WhatsApp chat to the house screen

Unlike Android, iOS doesn’t have any options to feature a talk shortcut on the house screen. However, with the assistance of Shortcuts app, it’s now possible to feature a specific contact’s chat right there on the house screen. Here’s how you’ll do that .

1.Open the Shortcuts app > on the My Shortcuts page, tap Create Shortcut.
2. On subsequent screen, tap Add Action > now look for Send Message via WhatsApp > tap it.
3. Your new shortcut are going to be created. You’ll now need to add a recipient of your choice. It are often any contact that you simply want to feature to your home screen.
4. Once done, tap Next. On subsequent screen, enter your shortcut name. you’ll also edit the shortcut icon by tapping it. Next, tap Done.
5. You’ll be redirected to the My Shortcuts page. tap the three-dots icon which is on the top-right of your newly created shortcut. On subsequent screen, you’ll again see a three-dots icon, tap it. Finally, tap increase Home Screen > tap Add.
6. This will add your required contact on the most home screen. Whenever you tap their icon, you’ll directly be taken to their WhatsApp chat thread.

5.Whatsapp: the way to send full video

Before we tell you the steps, note that there’s a size limit of 100MB on photos and videos you’ll send. Anything over that’s not supported on WhatsApp. Follow these steps:

1.Open the Photos app and choose the media file that you simply wish to share in high resolution. Tap the Share icon > scroll down and tap Save to Files.
2. After your file is saved, open WhatsApp and choose the contact with whom you would like to share the file. within the chat thread, tap the + icon > tap Document > locate the file that you simply recently saved > tap it to pick > hit Send to share the enter high resolution.

6.WhatsApp: the way to stop media auto-download

WhatsApp in its default setting automatically saves photos and videos on your phone. However, sometimes when you’re a part of many group chats, you tend to urge tons of spam content which only eats up space on your phone. Fortunately, there is a thanks to stop this. Here’s how:

1.Open WhatsApp > tap Settings > tap Data and Storage Usage.
2. Under Media Auto-Download, you’ll individually tap Photos, Audio, Videos or Documents and set them to Never. this suggests you’ll need to manually download every single photo, video, and audio file.

7. Cool effects in WhatsApp camera

The camera feature of WhatsApp allows you to add text to your photo, doodle thereon , add smileys and stickers, etc. There are a few of hidden tools here, which permit you to blur a photograph or apply a monochrome effect. Here’s the way to get these effects on WhatsApp:

1.Open WhatsApp > tap Camera > now click a replacement photo or just select one from the camera roll. >
2. Once the image is on the screen, tap the pencil icon on the top-right. Keep swiping down and below the red colour you get two fun tools — blur and monochrome.
3. With the blur tool, you’ll quickly blur any a part of a photograph . The monochrome tool allows you to quickly turn parts of the photo black and white.
4. You can also adjust the intensity and increase the dimensions of the comb for more precise control over blur and monochrome. Swipe down towards rock bottom of the color palette and once you reach the blur or monochrome tool, swipe left, without lifting your finger off the screen, to extend or decrease the dimensions of the comb .

8.hear WhatsApp voice notes before sending

While WhatsApp allows you to share quick voice notes together with your contacts, there’s not an choice to preview the voice note before sending. However, by following this WhatsApp iPhone trick, you’ll preview your voice note each and each time before you send it. Here’s how:

1.Open a talk on WhatsApp > tap and hold the mic icon within the bottom-right corner to start out recording and swipe up to lock. this manner you will be ready to release your thumb from the screen.
2. Once you’re done recording, simply exit to the house screen. As you return to WhatsApp, you’ll notice that the voice recording has stopped and now there is a little play button at rock bottom . Tap this button to play the recorded audio.
3. Moreover, if you would like to re-record you’ll also hit the red delete button to urge obviate the present recording.
4. A bonus tip — if you do not want to play voice notes via the speaker, simply press the play button and lift your phone to your ears. You’ll now hear your voice note through the phone’s earpiece, a bit like a call.

9.The way to enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp

This is the simplest security feature on WhatsApp. With two-step verification enabled, you’ll got to enter a six-digit PIN if you are trying to line up WhatsApp on any smartphone. albeit someone gets your SIM card, they will not be ready to check in without that PIN. Here’s the way to enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp:

1.Open WhatsApp > attend Settings > tap Account > tap Two-Step Verification.
2. On subsequent screen tap Enable. You’ll now be required to enter your six-digit PIN, followed by adding an email address which will be linked to your account. this is often done just just in case you forget your six-digit PIN and need to reset it.
3. After confirming your email, tap Done and that is it. Your WhatsApp account now has another layer of protection.

10.Quickly share your WhatsApp number with anyone

If you meet someone and need to quickly start a WhatsApp chat with them, this method is awesome. you do not got to save their number then message them. Just share a QR code and they’ll be ready to start a talk with you instantly. Follow these steps:

1.On your iPhone, open this link and tap Get shortcut.
2. You’ll be redirected to the Shortcuts app. Scroll to rock bottom and tap Add Untrusted Shortcut.
3. On subsequent screen, enter your telephone number along side the country code. for instance , it’ll be 9198xxxxxxxx. Over here, 91 is India’s country code followed by the ten-digit mobile number. Tap Continue.
4. On subsequent screen, you’ll A standard introduction message. then , tap Done.
5. Your new shortcut are going to be added to the My Shortcuts page. Now whenever you run this shortcut, your phone’s screen will display a QR code. People you meet can scan this code on their phones (iPhone or Android) to instantly open a talk on WhatsApp.

11.Ask Siri to read out WhatsApp messages

Yes, Siri can read out your messages and reply to them also . However, to urge started you initially got to confirm that Siri and WhatsApp are in sync. To use this functionality, follow these steps:

1.Open Settings > Siri & Search > enable Listen for “Hey Siri”.
2. Now scroll down and tap WhatsApp. On subsequent page, enable Use with Ask Siri.
3. This way, whenever you receive a replacement text on WhatsApp, you’ll just ask Siri to read out your messages and Siri will read them aloud to you and even ask you if you would like to reply.
However, if your WhatsApp is open with unread messages, Siri won’t be ready to read those. If the app is closed, Siri are going to be ready to read messages aloud for you.

12.Totally hide online status on WhatsApp

Even if you hide last seen on WhatsApp, you’ll appear online to others if you open WhatsApp. there is a thanks to send messages without showing your online status in the least . Here’s how you’ll roll in the hay .

1.For instance, you would like to text your friend Rahul on WhatsApp, then do that . Launch Siri and say, Send a WhatsApp text to Rahul. If you’ve got multiple contacts by an equivalent name, Siri will ask you to pick the one that you’re pertaining to .
2. Once you’ve got selected your contact, Siri will ask what you would like to send. Just say what you would like Siri to send.
3. Next, Siri will ask you for your confirmation if you’re able to send it. Say yes and your message are going to be sent instantly.
4. As we mentioned above, the simplest part about this functionality is that you simply can send any message to any contact without even logging on .

13. Mute WhatsApp Status for any contact

WhatsApp allows you to mute WhatsApp Status updates from any of your contacts. just in case you do not desire seeing someone’s stories at the highest of your Status list, follow these steps:

1.Open WhatsApp and tap Status.
2. Now select the contact you would like to mute > swipe left > tap Mute.
3. Similarly, if you would like to unmute, scroll right down to rock bottom and tap Muted Updates > swipe left on the contact you would like to unmute > tap Unmute.
4. Additionally, if you’ve muted someone’s WhatsApp statuses and you do not want to return across their chat thread, but you do not want to dam them or want to delete your chat with them also . during this case, tap Chats > select the contact and swipe left > tap Archive.
5. Doing this may hide that specific contact’s chat. However, you’ll always access it back by getting to the Archived Chats list.
6. To do that, attend Chats > swipe down from the highest > tap Archived Chats and you’re good to travel .
7. In case you would like to unarchive someone’s chat, swipe left > tap Unarchive.

14. Auto-download media from a selected contact

In this article, we’ve already told you ways to prevent media from being automatically saved on WhatsApp. However, if you would like to enable auto-download for a selected contact, there is a thanks to do this . Follow these steps:

1.Open WhatsApp > attend Chats and choose any contact.
2. In the chat thread, tap their name at the highest > tap Save to Camera Roll > set this to Always.
That’s it, whenever this person sends you media files, those files are going to be saved automatically on your phone.

15. the way to enable fingerprint, face lock on WhatsApp

In case you would like to feature a fingerprint or face lock to WhatsApp, follow these steps:

1.Open WhatsApp > attend Settings > Account > Privacy and tap Screen Lock.
2. On subsequent screen, enable Require Touch ID or Require Face ID.
3. Additionally, you’ll also set the duration after which you will have to use your fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp. It are often set to right away , After 1 minute, After quarter-hour or After 1 hour.
4. With this setting enabled, you will always need your biometrics to open WhatsApp.

16. WhatsApp storage full: the way to fix

A lot of individuals round the world have 32GB iPhones. Now imagine, you get around 24-25GB of user available space, out of which around 20GB is occupied by WhatsApp. Sounds insane right? Well, there is a thanks to manage the things that WhatsApp downloads, that too individually for your contacts. Here’s how:

1.Open WhatsApp > attend Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage.
2. On subsequent screen, you will see all of your list of conversations that have occupied space.
3. Tapping any of them shows you exact details like the amount of messages within the thread or the amount of media files that they need shared with you. Tap Manage to pick fields. Once done, tap clear to erase.
4. Similarly, you’ll return and repeat the steps for your other contacts also .

17. Search within a WhatsApp chat

Are you trying to seek out that one particular message which is lost in an endless WhatsApp chat? Well, WhatsApp does allow to look by keyword, which makes it a touch easier to seem for old messages and you’ll even search within a talk . Here’s how you’ll roll in the hay .

1.Open WhatsApp and within the search bar up top, type in your keyword or phrase and tap search. Your results will show up with contact names and their messages containing.
2. To search for messages from a selected person, open the chat thread where you would like to look the message > tap the contact’s name up top > on subsequent page tap Chat Search. Now enter the keyword and hit search.

18. Check message read status on WhatsApp

Every message that you simply forward WhatsApp, be it during a group chat or individual chat features a message info screen that allows you to check whether the text was delivered or read by the recipient. to seek out out, follow these steps:

1.Open any chat in WhatsApp.
2. Over here, if the annoying blue ticks are enabled and you see them right next to the message, this suggests your message has been delivered and skim by the recipient.
3. However, considering many of us keep the dreaded blue ticks disabled, you’ll just tell by watching the 2 grey ticks that the message has been read or not.
4. In this case, swipe left on the sent message to reveal the message info screen.
5. Over there, you’ll see two grey ticks along side the time, this shows the time that your message was delivered. Additionally, if you see two blue ticks right above the grey ones, this suggests your message has been read.

19. Pin priority chats at the highest

WhatsApp allows you to prioritise and pin down to 3 chats at the highest of your conversation list. this manner your top three contacts always remain at the highest regardless of incoming messages from other contacts in your list. To pin down to 3 of our contacts, do this:

1.Open WhatsApp and swipe right the chat thread you would like to pin at the highest .
2. Tap Pin. That’s it, repeat this step to feature the opposite two contacts also .

20. Add a custom ringtone for specific WhatsApp contacts

WhatsApp allows you to line custom alert tones for specific contacts in order that it’s easy for you to differentiate between messages from close ones et al. . to understand how can do that for your friends or family, follow these steps:

1.Open WhatsApp and choose the contact for whom you would like to feature the new custom tone.
2. Tap their name > tap Custom Tone > select the tone and tap Save.
These were a number of the simplest and most vital tricks that you simply can master on your iPhone. this manner you do not need to search for separate articles for separate features on the online , because we’ve compiled it all for you in one place. welcome .


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Who knew that earning money would be easy. Parimatch sports betting includes the IPL and esports like DOTA, MMA1, League of Legends, and many more. Parimatch app is an app in which bettors can bet on their favorite teams or predict the winning team. Parimatch login is easy and can be done through IOS / Android devices. One can also gain profits through logging in from the desktop. Parimatch betting is genuine and uncomplicated. You can play bets on cricket here –


Tips To Keep In Mind For Profitable Betting Through Online

1) Should be afraid to bet on both teams – Bettings should be done on both teams. Usually, bettors bet on one team. The momentum of the game keeps changing with time. So to increase profit, one should bet on both teams

2) Study Stats – One of the essential IPL betting tips is researching before investing money. The result of the previous match should check previous rates, previous run rates, and the winner.

3) Several Accounts – This does not mean you create several accounts under the same bookmark’s site, not at all! One should create two to three accounts in different bookmarkers.

4) Pitch condition – One should never ignore the significance of pitch condition. Always mind checking the pace of the pitch, how the bowlers are going to play, or the run rates.

5)Weather Condition – It is one of the main factors; betters should have a detailed study of the climate before betting, which plays a vital role in the game. For example, the whole winning match could be stopped through mere rainfall.

Live Betting

One of the best ways to keep online betting exciting is to start with bet cricket live. You can hear it right; you can wager on matches while they unfold. Many betters love to live or in-play betting as they find it much more enjoyable. Watching the game on second and then predicting what next is going to happen is so exciting. For experienced bettors, live betting brings them much more opportunities.

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How IPL Odds Work In Betting?

It is a metric used for determining the probability of a specific match. Several websites can change percentages to odds to make it more understandable for you. One thing you should keep in mind is that Odds is a percentage that is usually less than 2.


Making money through Parimatch India is not at all complicated. Though betting in India was not as easy as before, brokers and third parties were involved. Bettors used to stand in enormous queues in front of agencies. But as everything is turning online, from education to food ordering.

Betting on matches has also become a new trend. This is easier as betters get money directly transferred to their accounts through net banking, UPI, Paytm wallet, and even Bitcoins. Bet on cricket online has increased a lot. Parimatch has also got a 24/7 helpline, which makes it easier for beginners to use. Many sites have specifically tailored their services in Hindi for Indians and the offering deposits in Indian Rupees (INR).

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