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Video Marketing: 7 Tips for Creating an Irresistible Video Thumbnail



You’ll be surprised to know that there are about 400 hours of video content being uploaded to YouTube these days. It does need any special mention to understand that YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform in the world. With more than 2 billion active users, the platform is teeming with the potential audience, and that makes it truly attractive for brands to step in. YouTube marketing is now a thing, and most of the top brands in the world are doing it.

Marketing in YouTube is so successful because it deals with videos. Videos are the best medium through which you can market your brand and expand your business over time. A single video can have a far better impact than a block of regular black-and-white text promos. That is why more than 72% of brands in the world are now focusing on video marketing.

You can indeed edit and create online videos, but there are different things you need to keep in mind. For instance, did you know that using a good thumbnail can double the number of views on your videos? Yes! That is why today, we will show you how you can create irresistible YouTube video thumbnails.

1. Make Use of Graphics –

Graphics can make your thumbnail look more appealing and eye-catching that will attract more viewers. But make sure that it is not too flashy. People are easily attracted to graphics and vivid images. But they don’t like watching videos that are too uncanny. You can use bold and contrasting colors and create an incredible visual hierarchy. Just make sure to have attractive colors and bold titles on the thumbnail to make it look subtle.

You can take the help of the yellow colors because it has been observed that yellow can statistically improve your video performance. This is because color can trigger more receptors in the human eyes than anything else.

2. Think Before Shooting –

You are surely going to plan every sequence and short that will be present in your video, right? Similarly, you can think about the thumbnail before you shoot the video as well. This will help you to create and make the necessary changes that are going to fetch you a wonderful thumbnail. Think about the potential thumbnail before you record the video or when you are filming. If, by any way, your content is not compelling in terms of visuals, your thumbnail should always be dynamic and attractive. It is the key to let the people have at least a try with your content.

There are many videos on YouTube that are not shot with the best camera or edited in $1000 video editing software. But still, they offer good value and content to the people. So, think of a thumbnail beforehand in such a scenario.

3. Consider the Different Sizes –

You will find thumbnails available in different sizes. Each size comes with a particular resolution. They come in all sizes and formats for separate devices out there. So, you have to judge which resolution looks the best when choosing the right thumbnail. Make sure that your thumbnail is not too big or small for a mobile phone or even a desktop. YouTube will recommend a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, and the size must be under 2MB. So keep that in mind.

4. Use Compelling Images –

A lot of viewers will have a close look at the thumbnail for a few seconds, and if they don’t find it attractive, they won’t open your video. Period. This can result in poor view time and performance. So, it is recommended that you use compelling images that are well framed and can stand out. You can also incorporate your branding and use attractive colors to appeal to the viewers. You can even choose to overlay a text over it.

5. Be Consistent with Thumbnails –

When you use a particular theme or design for your thumbnails, it helps you to build a brand image and fetch more viewers towards your channel. Consistent thumbnail designs and graphics help you to stand out from the crowd and help your viewers to identify your videos better. It will deliver a very smooth and consistent feel to all of your videos & also make your channel look more professional. Keep that in mind.

6. Use Good Titles –

Your thumbnail is going to work even better if you pair it with a suitable title. You can never neglect the importance of titles on a particular video and how it will help to bring more views and engagement to the table. Make sure that the title is catchy and relatable with the content so that more people are curious to watch the video in the first place. Always try to keep your titles compact and within 60 characters for the best performance.

7. Track the Performance –

Last but not least, you should always track the performance of your thumbnails time after time. This is the only way by which you can clearly understand if your thumbnails are actually working or not. YouTube has a different tab for your channel’s analytics. Head over to that tab and observe which videos have done well and what kind of thumbnails you have used for them. Try to implement the same thumbnail which has worked the best for you in other videos.

If any video has high audience retention, it means that it has performed well. Your titles and thumbnails have helped you to gain more views and attract more engagement over time. Poor results will mean you have to shuffle the elements and make them more effective.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the seven ways which you have to follow if you want to create irresistible video thumbnails on YouTube. Thumbnails are really important, and you should pay a lot of attention to them. All these steps are really effective and work very well in the real world. Make sure to implement them in the right way and enjoy a higher engagement rate on your channel.

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