Current Affairs November 22, 2018

1. Choose which is the India’s First “Justice City” ?

         1) Hyderabad
         2) Amaravati
         3) Mumbai
         4) Patna
         5) None of these

Answer – 2 ) Amaravati

Explanation: Amaravati is a Capital City of Andhra Pradesh, which is building as India’s first ‘Justice City’ to give State of the art ecosystem using new technologies to assist Judicial System in state.
Law museum is initiated to build which preserves India’s heritage and gives information.
In this city, the important infrastructures are provided for fastest justice litigant. And good connection for various cases and minimize the pending cases.

2. On 20th November 2018 – the eve of World Children’s Day, which person was appointed as UNICEF’s youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador ?

        1) Hinna Asefi Wardak
        2) Millie Bobby Brown
        3) El Sistema
        4) Hima Das
        5) None of these

Answer – 2 ) Millie Bobby Brown

Explanation:  Mille Bobby Brown, a 14 year old who is an actor of Netflix sci-fi drama ‘Stranger Things’ was appointed as UNICEF’s new Goodwill Ambassador. On 20th November, the World Children’s Day with theme as “for children, by children” to provide awareness and fund collections for children’s rights and major issues for younger people.she was nominated for Emmy award(younger person who is nominated). She would use her fame to create awareness about children’s rights like as education and safest places for them to play and learn and reduce violence, poverty,etc.

3. Name the organisation which launched India’s first sewer Cleaning machine to stop the insecure manual scavenging ?

         1) Smile Foundation
         2) Goonj
         3) Uday Foundation
         4) Sulabh International
         5) None of these

Answer – 4 ) Sulabh International

Explanation: Sulabh International was the organisation who launched India’s first sewer Cleaning machine to stop the insecure manual scavenging and reduce death of worker in this field. The machine named as Safari Karamchari that helps worker to complete their work. It completes 99% of manual sewer works. It provides gears and dress to protect worker from harmful gases and checks the level of gas in sewers and it costs 43 lakh with inspection camera.

4. What is theme of 12th World Congress on Mountain Medicine which is started in Kathmandu, Nepal?

         1)  Mountain Medicine in the Heart of the Himalayas
         2) A mountain is the best medicine for a troubled mind
         3) No gem can be polished without friction
         4) Mountain Medicine – Lessons from Snowdonia
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Mountain Medicine in the Heart of the Himalayas

Explanation: The theme of this 12th World Congress, 4-day congress was “Mountain Medicine in the Heart of the Himalayas” in Kathmandu, Nepal. This event of International Society for Mountain Medicine was held first time in Nepal. It focuses on Science and Research concepts of Hi-altitude medicines.

5. Which state organized 7th International Tourism Mart ?

         1) Assam
         2) Tripura
         3) Meghalaya
         4) Manipur
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Tripura

Explanation: The 3-days of 7th International Tourism Mart on November 22 was hosted by Tripura at Agartala which combines delegates of 18 countries to increase their tourist populations in northeastern states.

6. In which city, did the First Business festival of Indo-Japan Business Council was held ?

         1) Pune
         2) Chennai
         3) Kolkata
         4) New Delhi
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Pune

Explanation: On 17th November, Konnichiwa Pune – Indo-Japan Business Council (IJBC) was hosted in Pune, Maharashtra. It focuses on the cultural exchange between India and China that helps to explore terms of business, cultural and fields of interests. It promotes exchange of education, business, culture ties between these two countries.

7. In Which day, the World Television Day was celebrated ?

         1) 19th November
         2) 21st November
         3) 22nd November
         4) 18th November
         5) None of these

Answer – )  21st November

Explanation: The World Television Day was celebrated on November 21 since its established on December 1996 by United Nations General Assembly. It was generated in six official languages such as French, Spanish, English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian. On that day, UN releases video reports and documentaries based on crisis of humans facing in recent times.

8. Who won the 59th Subroto cup International Football Tournament(Juniors) ?

         1) Bangladesh
         2) Nepal
         3) Afghanistan
         4) India
         5) None of these

Answer – )  Bangladesh

Explanation: On November 20, The 59th Subroto cup International Football Tournament(Juniors) was won by Bangladesh who defeated Afghanistan.

9. In Acrobatic Gymnastics World Cup, How much Bronze medals did India won ?

         1) 3
         2) 5
         3) 2
         4) 7
         5) None of these

Answer – ) 2

Explanation: In National Gymnastic Arena, the Acrobatic Gymnastics world cup was held. India won two bronze medals in women’s and men’s group events for the 1st time.

10. In India, based on World malaria Report given by World Health Organisation, the number of Malaria cases are reduced in year 2017 from 2016. What is the percentage ?

         1) 35%
         2) 24%
         3) 25%
         4) 60%
         5) None of these

Answer – ) 24%

Explanation: According to WHO’s World Malaria report, India reduced the malaria cases in 2017 compared to 11 countries in allover world. It has been registered that 24% of decrease cases from 2016 to 2017. In 2017, India counted 4% of malaria cases.

11. Which University won the silver for Environmental Best Practice 2018 in International Green Apple Award ?

         1) Manav Rachna International University
         2) ITM Vocational University
         3) MAHE
         4) CMR University
         5) None of these

Answer – ) MAHE

Explanation: For Environmental Best Practice 2018, the Manipal Academy of Higher Education won the International Green Apple Award.
From 800 nominations, MAHE was selected for this award. In London, MAHE director Derrick I. Joshua received the award.

12. On Which day, the World Fisheries Day was celebrated ?

         1) November 21
         2) November 20
         3) November 25
         4) November 13
         5) None of these

Answer – ) November 21

Explanation: On November 21, the World Fisheries day was celebrated by allover world Fishing communities. Rallies, Workshops, Programs to exhibit the most importance of ecosystems of Oceans and about their stocks. Radha Mohan Singh, Agriculture Minister gave fund Rs.7522 Crore to generate number of employments and for productions in fishing communities.