Current Affairs March 22, 2019

1.  When was the World Water Day is observed ?

         1) March 20
         2) March 22
         3) March 21
         4) March 18
         5) None of these

Answer – 2 ) March 22

Explanation:  The World Water Day is observed on March 22 every year. The theme of 2019 is “Leaving No One Behind”. It focus on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. It is a day to celebrate water and to prepare for how we manage water in future.

2.  Name the 1st Indian budget carrier to join the IATA ?

        1) Jet Airways
        2) AirAsia India
        3) Air India
        4) SpiceJet
        5) None of these

Answer – 4 ) SpiceJet

Explanation: SpiceJet, Indian low-cost airlines has joined the IATA (International Air Transport Association) which has over 290 airlines as members. SpiceJet as member of IATA is allowed to explore and grow its collaborations with international member airlines of IATA via interlining and code shares.

3. On which day the Parsis celebrates Navroz (Iranian New Year) ?

         1) March 21
         2) March 08
         3) March 10
         4) March 24
         5) None of these

Answer – 1 ) March 21

Explanation: In India Parsis who follow Zoroastrianism celebrates Navroz on March 21st which is an Iranian New Year celebrated by several ethnolinguistic communities around the world.

4. In which Asteroid the NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex mission discovers evidence of water, particle plumes ?

         1) Asteroid Ryugu
         2) Asteroid Apophis
         3) Asteroid Bennu
         4) Asteroid Ceres
         5) None of these

Answer – 3 ) Asteroid Bennu

Explanation: In Asteroid Bennu, NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex (NASA’s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Expolerer) mission discovered the evidence of water, particle plumes and other findings. NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex aims to study Bennu Asteroid since December 31 2018. It is expected to return samples to Earth in 2023.

5. Kazakhstan renamed its Capital as __________ after Ex-President.

         1) Nursultan
         2) Almaty
         3) Taraz
         4) Akmola
         5) None of these

Answer – 1 ) Nursultan

Explanation: Kazakhstan renamed its capital Astana to Nursultan to honour its Ex-President Nursultan Nazarbayev. He was the 1st president of Kazakhstan. This announcement was made by new president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and approved by the parliament of Kazakhstan.

6.  Which country ranked top in the list of Happiest country in world 2019 ?

         1) Bangladesh
         2) Switzerland
         3) Finland
         4) USA
         5) None of these

Answer – 3 ) Finland

Explanation: Finland is the Happiest country in the world 2019 ranked for the 2nd year in succession. On March 20, this report was released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the UN. India got 140th place.

7. Name the 2020 Olympic’s torch which is unveiled by the organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ?

         1) Stellate-Shaped
         2) Cherry-Blossom
         3) Cruciform-Shaped
         4) Trumpet-Shaped
         5) None of these

Answer – 2 ) Cherry-Blossom

Explanation: The Organizers of Tokyo 2020 Olympics chosen a Japanese motif – the Cherry Blossom for their Olympic torch. It generates 5 flames from a cluster of petal-shaped cylinders.

8. Who wrote the book “The Great Disappointment: How Narendra Modi Squandered a Unique Opportunity to Transform the Indian Economy” ?

         1) Salman Anees Soz
         2) Jayati Ghosh
         3) Raghuram Rajan
         4) Amartya Sen
         5) None of these

Answer – 1 ) Salman Anees Soz

Explanation: Salman Anees Soz, economicist and political commentator wrote the book titled “The Great Disappointment: How Narendra Modi Squandered a Unique Opportunity to Transform the Indian Economy”. The book is also a critical assessment of five years of the brand of economics Modi has championed, often referred to as ‘Modinomics’.

9. Which of the following organization launched smart garbage bins for smart waste management ?

         1) BHEL
         2) ONGC
         3) NMDC
         4) SAIL
         5) None of these

Answer – 4 ) SAIL

Explanation: The smart garbage bins are launched by Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) which is made of stainless steel which integrates technology for smart waste management. Smart Garbage Bins made up of SAIL SALEM stainless steel will be installed in underground Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) pits at the Smart Garbage Station. IOT (Internet of Things) enabled Gazelle sensors Smart Garbage Bins will send signals to the garbage collection vehicle about the ‘fill-up’ position of the bin. This will help prevent the spread of stink and diseases.

10.  In which country the joint military exercise “Sary Arka Antiterror 2019” is scheduled to be held ?

         1) Uzbekistan
         2) Tajikistan
         3) Kazakhstan
         4) Kyrgyzstan
         5) None of these

Answer – 3 ) Kazakhstan

Explanation: In grasslands of Kazakhstan in the Sary Arka region, The first-ever joint military exercise of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) titled “Sary Arka Antiterror 2019” is scheduled to be held. The SCO, in which China plays an influential role, is also comprised of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan. The decision to hold the joint exercise ‘Sary-Arka-Antiterror 2019’ was announced during the 34th meeting of the SCO’s Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS) council held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.