Current Affairs January 27, 2019

1. Mention the theme of International Customs Day 2019 ?

         1) SMART borders for seamless Trade, Travel and Transport
         2) Digital Customs – Progressive Engagement
         3) Secure & Smart business for economic development
         4) Smart borders, Smart Customs
         5) None of these

Answer – 1 ) SMART borders for seamless Trade, Travel and Transport

Explanation:  The 2019 theme is “SMART borders for seamless Trade, Travel and Transport”. The International Customs Day (ICD) is observed every year on January 26 to recognize the role of custom officials and agencies in maintaining border security. It focuses on the working conditions and challenges that customs officers face in their jobs.

2. _______________ won the women’s singles title of Australia Open 2019.

        1) Jennifer Capirati
        2) Simona Halep
        3) Petra Kvitova
        4) Naomi Osaka
        5) None of these

Answer – 4 ) Naomi Osaka

Explanation: Naomi Osaka won the women’s singles title of Australian Open 2019. Osaka became the 1st tennis player from Japan to reach No.1 in the rankings.

3. Who wrote the book “Panchashati Galpo” ?

         1) Nirmal Verma
         2) Atin Bandyopadhyay
         3) Krishna Sobti
         4) Mannu Bhandari
         5) None of these

Answer – 2 ) Atin Bandyopadhyay

Explanation: “Panchashati Galpo” was written by Atin Bandyopadhyay who is a famous Bengali writer. He passed away on January 19th 2019 in Kolkata. He won 2001 Sahitya Akademi award for this book. He performed various jobs as school teacher, sailor, factory manager, journalist to writer.

4. Which state launched the Amul Camel Milk ?

         1) Maharashtra
         2) Sikkim
         3) Gujarat
         4) Rajasthan
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Gujarat

Explanation: The Amul Camel Milk was launched by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited in particular markets of Gandhinagar, Kutch, Ahmedabad. Camel milk assists healthy bacteria growth in the gut making it easy to digest and it also improves gastrointestinal health and systemic immunity. Rich in Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) Camel Milk can provide 70% of the recommended daily value per serving. Camel Milk is rich in calcium which helps to build. The camel milk offers a wide range of benefits such as: Camel milk assists healthy bacteria growth in the gut making it easy to digest.

5. On Republic Day 2019, Which police force received more police medals for bravery ?

         1) Odisha Police
         2) Tamil Nadu Police
         3) Chhattisgarh Police
         4) Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

Explanation: The CRPF received the maximum of 44 medals for bravery on Republic Day. On that day, totally 855 police personnel have been chosen for medals.

6. Which country developed a system that produce hydrogen fuel and electricity from CO2 (carbon dioxide) ?

         1) South Korea
         2) Japan
         3) Russia
         4) China
         5) None of these

Answer – ) South Korea

Explanation: South Korean Scientists from UNIST had developed a system that produce hydrogen fuel and electricity from carbon dioxide. Suppose, if a battery system is created, electricity can be produced by removing CO2. Particularly, this system shown stability to the point of operating for more than 1,000 hours without damage to electrodes. So, it can be applied to remove CO2 by inducing voluntary chemical reactions.

7. Who is the head of a IRDAI panel to identify methodically important insurers ?

         1) Sujay Banarji
         2) Vijay Kumar Sharma
         3) Pravin Kutumbe
         4) Padmaja Bhaskaran
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Pravin Kutumbe

Explanation: Pravin Kutumbe was the head of a panel set by IRDAI to identify domestically methodically important insurers and augumented regulatory framework logically established.

8. On which date, National Voters Day is celebrated in India every year ?

         1) Mar 10
         2) Jan 25
         3) Mar 20
         4) Jan 26
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Jan 25

Explanation: National Voters Day is celebrated on January 25 all over India every year. This day aims to encourage participation of new eligible young voters and increase enrollment of voters.

9. Russell Baker belongs to which country? He won Pulitzer Prize for 2 times.

         1) Germany
         2) France
         3) Italy
         4) United States
         5) None of these

Answer – ) United States

Explanation: Russell Baker belongs to United States who won Pulitzer Prize for 2 times. He passed away recently on 21st January 2019 in Virginia. He won Pulitzer in 1979 for ‘Observer’ and in 1983 for his autobiography ‘Growing Up’.

10. To destroy enemy radars and communication facilities which DRDO’s missile is used ?

         1) Anti-radiation missile
         2) Anti-tank missile
         3) Cruise missiles
         4) Ballistic missiles
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Anti-radiation missile

Explanation: The New Generation Anti-radiation missile (NGRAM) was tested by India which will destory all surveillance and radar systems. The Defence-Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has created this missile as a surface to air missile and is screened by Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet. The new-generation anti-radiation missile (NGRAM) has the Strike range of 100 kilometers,this is the first indigenous air-to-ground missile developed by the DRDO, after the supersonic BrahMos cruise missile developed jointly with Russia. The missile is launched from Balasore.