Current Affairs January 13, 2019

1. By which year, ISRO aims to send human to space ?

         1) 2022
         2) 2023
         3) 2020
         4) 2021
         5) None of these

Answer – 4 ) 2021

Explanation:  ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has set a target to send astronauts to space by 2021. Gaganyaan project was announced by PM Modi by last year and Ravi Shankar Prasad, union minister has said that 3 Indian astronauts will be sent to space upto 7 days by 2022 which is a part of Gaganyaan. Through this project Space agency will make India as the 4tth nation to independently send humans into space announced by ISRO chief Dr. K Sivan.

2. On 11th January 2019, Who resigned the post of Chairman of National Stock Exchange (NSE) ?

        1) Supreeth Sharma
        2) Mithila Parikkar
        3) Ashok Chawla
        4) Vikram Limaye
        5) None of these

Answer – 3 ) Ashok Chawla

Explanation: Ashok Chawla, former finance secretary who took over as chairman of the exchange on 28th March 2016. He resigned as the chairman of NSE (National Stock Exchange) due to CBI’s order to conduct legal action against him in the Aircel-Maxis case.

3. Pasargad Bank belongs to _______________, who will be the 1st bank of this country to have a branch in Mumbai.

         1) Mongolia
         2) Kuwait
         3) Finland
         4) Iran
         5) None of these

Answer – 4 ) Iran

Explanation: Pasargad Bank is a Iranian Bank who is allowed to open a branch in Mumbai by Indian government and they received clearances to open its branch.

4. Where was the 25th edition of Partnership Summit 2019 held ?

         1) Mumbai
         2) Dehradun
         3) New Delhi
         4) Hyderabad
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Mumbai

Explanation: The 25th edition of Partnership Summit 2019 was held in Mumbai on 12th January 2019. It was inaugurated by Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu. This summit expects to build new partnerships and explore investment opportunities in sectors like AI, food processing, big-data, aeronautics, tourism and renewable energy.

5. Which state announced to quit from the Ayushman Bharat-Pradhdan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna ?

         1) Madhya Pradesh
         2) Tamil Nadu
         3) West Bengal
         4) Uttar Pradesh
         5) None of these

Answer – ) West Bengal

Explanation: West Bengal quits from the Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna which is announced by Mamata Banerjee, CM of West Bengal. Its because of using PM’s picture in official poster of the centre-state joint scheme. In this scheme, the states are supposed to bear 40% of the project cost while Centre will fund 60% of the bill. Some of the states also opted out of the scheme such as Kerala, Odisha, Telengana, Delhi for different reasons.

6. On which day the National Youth Day (Yuva Diwas) celebrated in India ?

         1) January 12
         2) January 10
         3) January 11
         4) January 13
         5) None of these

Answer – ) January 12

Explanation: The National Youth Day (Yuva Diwas) was celebrated on 12th January to honour the 156th birthday of Swami Vivekananda. He is the one of the India’s greatest spiritual and social leaders and had strong faith in power of youth.

7. Name the 2 Indian Cricketers who received the honorary membership of the Sydney Cricket Ground ?

         1) Virat Kohli, VVS Laxman
         2) Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri
         3) Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman
         4) Ravi Shastri, Rahul Dravid
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri

Explanation: Indian Skipper and coach Ravi Shastri received the honorary membership of the Sydney Cricket Ground for their contribution to the sport of cricket on 11 January 2019. SCG congratulated the Indian team for securing 1st Test series win on Australia soil. The other cricketers to receive this honorary membership of the Sydney Cricket Ground is Sachin Tendulkar and Brain Lara.

8. The 2 day International Dam Safety conference from 13 February 2019 will be hosted by which state ?

         1) Haryana
         2) Assam
         3) Odisha
         4) Rajasthan
         5) None of these

Answer – )  Odisha

Explanation: The 2 day International Dam Safety conference starts from 13 February 2019 which will be hosted by Odisha. It was organised by Union Ministry of Water Resources in collaboration with the Odisha government and the World Bank.

9. ______ passed a bill to terminate Pakistan as major non-NATO ally.

         1) USA
         2) Germany
         3) United Kingdom
         4) France
         5) None of these

Answer – ) USA

Explanation: An powerful US lawmaker initiated legislation in Congress to terminate the designation of Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally. This resolution has been sent to the House Foreign Affairs Committee for essential action.

10. Where was the 29th Indian Paint Conference 2019 was held ?

         1) Udaipur
         2) Raipur
         3) New Delhi
         4) Agra
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Agra

Explanation: In Agra, the 29th biennial Indian Paint Conference was held from January 11, 2019. It is the largest trade show of estimated Rs. 500 billion Indian Paints and Coatings Industry. It is organized by the Indian Paint Association, the apex body of the country’s paint industry.