Current Affairs December 08, 2018

1. In 2018, the IAAF Female Athletes of the Year award was won by ?

         1) Dina Asher-Smith
         2) Shaunae Miller-Uibo
         3) Caterine Ibarguen
         4) Beatrice Chepkoech
         5) None of these

Answer – 3 ) Caterine Ibarguen

Explanation: Caterine Ibarguen of Colombia, who is 2018 triple and long jump Diamond League Champion and Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, World marathon record holder are the Female and Male Athletes of the year. Both of them won this award for 1st time.

2. Which is the 1st Latin American Country to join China’s Belt and Road initiative ?

        1) Panama
        2) Argentina
        3) Mexico
        4) Costa Rica
        5) None of these

Answer – 1 ) Panama

Explanation: Panama is the 1st Latin American Country to join China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. It was deceided after the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Panama. On December 3, 2018, the meetind was held between Chinese President and Panamanian counterpart Juan Carlos Varela.

3. Which company joined to collaborate with National e-governance Division for “Ideate for India” ?

         1) Microsoft
         2) Infosys
         3) Intel
         4) Facebook
         5) None of these

Answer – 3 ) Intel

Explanation: The National Challenge for Youths “Ideate for India-creative solutions using technology” was launched by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on 6th December 2018 at New Delhi. Intel India joined a collaboration with National e-governance Division and launched this challenge. It is open to 6-12 class students across country. It provides a platform for students to become a solution creators for the problems.

4. What is the length of Delhi-Gurugram-SNB rail corridor ?

         1) 150 km
         2) 110 km
         3) 107 km
         4) 106 km
         5) None of these

Answer – ) 106 km

Explanation: The length of the rail corridors is 106 km. NCRTC (National Capital Region Transport Corporation) Board approved the construction of Delhi-Gurugram-SNB RRTS(Regional Rapid Transit System) corridor.

5. Which cricketer broke the 82-year old record to take fastest 200 Test wickets ?

         1) Yasir Shah
         2) Will Somerville
         3) Rohit Sharma
         4) Rashid Khan
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Yasir Shah

Explanation: Yasir Shah, Pakistan’s leg spinner became the fastest cricketer to take 200 test wickets. He broke the record of 82 years by taking Will Somerville wicket, New Zealand’s batsman. He beated Australian leg spinner Clarrie Grimmett’s record in 1936.

6. To tackle smuggling, Under which department the Anti-Smuggling National Coordination Center (SCord) has been approved by Central Government ?

         1) Directorate of Defence Trade Controls (DDTC)
         2) Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI)
         3) Directorate of Maritime Safety (DMS)
         4) Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR)
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI)

Explanation: SCord (Anti-Smuggling National Coordination Centre) under the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has been approved by Central Government to tackle Smuggling. The members of SCord are BSF, Assam Rifles, ITBP, SSP, Coast Guards and other organizations. It will help India based on real time to formulate a national anti-smuggling policy.

7. At sea off Port Blair, “EX Clean Sea-2018” was conducted by _________

         1) Indian Army
         2) Indian Navy
         3) Indian Coast Guard
         4) Indian Air Force
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Indian Coast Guard

Explanation: On 6th December at sea off Port Blair, the Indian Coast Guard conducted the “EX Clean Sea -2018” a Regional Level Marine Oil Pollution Response. Coast Guard ships and air assets, Chetak helicopters are participated.

8. SKOCH Award 2018 was given to which Union Ministry for its National significance ?

         1) Environment & Climate Change
         2) Agriculture
         3) Rural Development
         4) New & Renewable Energy
         5) None of these

Answer – )  Admiral Sunil Lanba

Explanation: Skoch Award for National Significance was won by Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in even held in Delhi. This Ministry installed about 73 GW renewable energy capacity in country.

9. Which is the 1st Indian airline to own 200 aircraft ?

         1) Vistara Airlines
         2) SpiceJet
         3) IndiGo
         4) GoAir
         5) None of these

Answer – ) IndiGo

Explanation: IndiGo was founded by Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal in 2006. IndiGo airline currently own 200 aircrafts after including two Airbus A320 ceo and two A320 neo. It contains 1,200 flights in which it includes 14 international and 49 domestic.

10. On December 4, 2018, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj co-inaugurated Gandhi-Zayed Digital Musem. Where it is located ?

         1) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
         2) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
         3) Doha, Qatar
         4) Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Explanation: To celebrate the 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth and hundredth anniversary birth of Shaikh Zayed, who is founder of UAE, the Gandhi-Zayed Digital Museum was built in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It was co-inaugurated by the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foregin Minister on 4th December 2018.