Current Affairs December 05, 2018

1. Name the group Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Infrastructure Leasing and Finance Company (IL&FS) ?

         1) Shruthi Gandhi
         2) N Sivaraman
         3) Sapna Mittal
         4) Ankush Agarwal
         5) None of these

Answer – 2 ) N Sivaraman

Explanation: N Sivaraman is the group Chief Operating Officer (COO) who was appointed by Debt-laden Infrastructure Leasing and Finance Company (IL&FS). In IL&FS Group, Sivaraman would be the part of core operating committee and reports to Vineet Nayyar, vice chairman and Managing director.

2. Where was International Conference on Bears ?

        1) Chennai
        2) Mumbai
        3) Delhi
        4) Agra
        5) None of these

Answer – 4 ) Agra

Explanation: International conference on Bears was held in Agra for the first time. More than 80 delegates from 11 countries.

3. Common Mobility Card to travel aboard both metro trains and State-run buses was launched by ____________

         1) Delhi
         2) Maharashtra
         3) Hyderabad
         4) Haryana
         5) None of these

Answer – 1 ) Delhi

Explanation: The Common Mobility Card was launched by Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot. It can be used by travellers to travel aboard both Delhi metro trains and state-run buses. The tagline of this card is “One Delhi. One Ride”.

4. Heart Attack Rewind campaign was launched by FSSAI. Name the objective of this campaign ?

         1) Promote hygienic food
         2) Promote use of indigenous refined vegetable oil
         3) Eliminate Industrial Produced Trans-fats
         4) All of the above
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Eliminate Industrial Produced Trans-fats

Explanation: “Heart Attack Rewind” campaign was launched by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). It was launched to eliminate industrially produced trans-fat in food by 2022 before the deadline given by WHO. This campaign gives awareness about the trans-fat and how to avoid them. According to records, more than 5 lakh deaths from cardiovascular diseases due to trans-fats.

5. A booklet titled “A Handbook for Students on Cyber Safety” which creates awareness for Students and Adolescents about cyber safety. Which Union Ministry released this booklet ?

         1) Ministry of Human Resource Development
         2) Ministry of Urban Development
         3) Ministry of Science and Technology
         4) Ministry of Home Affairs
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Ministry of Home Affairs

Explanation: The English booklet named “A Handbook for Students on Cyber Safety” was released by Ministry of Home Affairs. To create awareness for students and Adolescents about cyber safety. In this book, problems faced based on smartphones, social media, Online gaming. And it explains about cyber-crimes such as job fraud, email spoofing and how to overcome.

6. SHINYUU Maitri 18, air force exercise was held between India and _________

         1) South Korea
         2) Japan
         3) Australia
         4) Malaysia
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Japan

Explanation: Air Force exercise “SHINYUU Maitri 18” was held between IAF (Indian Air Force) and JASDF (Japan Air Self Defence Force) from 3-7 December 2018.

7. In India which police station got Guinness World Record for the initiative of “rakhi with Khaki” ?

         1) Bilaspur Police
         2) Panjagutta Police
         3) Dhupguri Police
         4) Gudamba Police
         5) None of these

Answer – )  Bilaspur Police

Explanation: In Chhattisgarh, the Bilaspur Police got the Guinness World Records for its initiative in “Rakhi with Khaki” where girls and women tied rakhis to 50,033 police officers within ten hours and uploaded selfies. It was held on August 25th 2018, before Raksha Bandhan.

8. In 2019, Which country will host the 11 BRICS (Brazil Russia India China and South Africa) Summit?

         1) India
         2) Brazil
         3) South Africa
         4) Russia
         5) None of these

Answer – )  Brazil

Explanation: In 2019, the 11th BRICS summit will be hosted by Brazil. Since 2009, the formal summits were held between BRICS nations. In July 2018, South Africa hosted the 10th BRICS summit. BRICS members are part of G20.

9. Mention the name of India’s 1st locomotive-less train ?

         1) Train 36
         2) Train 11
         3) Train 18
         4) Train 21
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Train 18

Explanation: Train 18 is the India’s 1st locomotive-less train which started on December 2, 2018. During test run at Kota-Sawai Madhopur section in Rajasthan its speed limit is 180 kmph. It will be the India’s fastest train. Its capability is about 200 kmph provided rest of Indian Railways system. It is fully air-conditioned with 16 coaches.

10. Who is the biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas in world ?

         1) UAE
         2) Afghanistan
         3) Saudi Arabia
         4) Qatar
         5) None of these

Answer – ) Qatar

Explanation: In worldwide, Qatar is the biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas in the world.